Parker Pneumatic Cylinders: Choose the Right One for Your Pneumatic System

Blog | December 4th, 2023

parker pneumatic cylinder

Select the right Parker pneumatic cylinders to optimise pneumatic system performance. Get one from Mobile Hydraulic Specialties by calling (03) 9798-6511.

The overall performance of pneumatic systems often relies on their respective components. Among the components they possess is the pneumatic cylinder. A pneumatic cylinder is a device responsible for converting air pressure into linear motion. It is often comprised of a cylindrical barrel, a piston, and end caps. When compressed air is introduced into one end of the cylinder, it pushes the piston, generating linear force and motion.

This device is often maximised in a wide range of applications, including manufacturing, automation, and machinery, to carry out tasks like lifting, pushing, pulling, and clamping. One brand of pneumatic cylinders that are widely popular today is Parker.

A Quick Overview of the Parker Brand

Parker, also known as Parker Hannifin Corporation, is a corporation that specialises in motion and control technologies. One of its offerings is the pneumatic cylinders.

Parker pneumatic cylinders are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications and are popular for their quality, durability, and reliability. To date, they come in various types and configurations to meet the diverse needs of manufacturing, automation, aerospace, and more industries. They are likewise available in different sizes, load capacities, and operating characteristics, making it easier for users to select the right cylinder for their specific application.

Parker Pneumatic Cylinders: Benefits

Parker pneumatic cylinders can provide tons of benefits to different industries. They include:

• High-Quality Construction: Parker is known for its commitment to quality, ensuring that their pneumatic cylinders are built to rigorous standards.

• Consistent and Reliable Performance: Parker’s reputation for reliability means that their pneumatic cylinders offer consistent and dependable performance.

• Wide Product Range: Parker offers a broad selection of pneumatic cylinders, including standard, mobile, and other specialised types.

• Product and Support Accessibility: Parker has a global presence, making their products and support widely accessible to many customers.

Choosing Parker Pneumatic Cylinders

To choose the right Parker pneumatic cylinder, you must consider a lot of factors. One of them is your load requirements. You must determine the load or force your hydraulic cylinder needs to handle. Different applications require cylinders with varying load capacities. You must also consider the stroke length, which refers to the distance the cylinder can travel. Ensure it aligns with your application’s requirements. You must likewise consider the speed at which the cylinder needs to operate. This factor is crucial for tasks that demand fast or precise movement.

The mounting style of the cylinder should also match your system’s design and integration. Lastly, you must evaluate the environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to elements, to choose a Parker pneumatic cylinder that can withstand them.

Parker ensures that their pneumatic cylinders are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. Now, some types of pneumatic cylinders from Parker are standard and compact air cylinders, aluminium cylinders, guided cylinders, NFPA and ISO pneumatic cylinders, low profile pneumatic cylinders, tie rod pneumatic cylinders, and stainless steel air cylinders.

To make the right choice in selecting one, you must partner with us at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties. Collaborating with us will help ensure that your choice is the perfect fit for your specific needs, optimising your pneumatic system’s performance.

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