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Mobile Hydraulics is proud to represent Parker’s comprehensive range of hydraulic and pneumatic products to suit the industrial market. The growing Parker range of industrial products includes respected products from the Denison, Fairey Arlon, Gold Cup, Manitrol, Olaer, Parker, Ross, UCC, VOAC, Waterman and World Cup If your system requires pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, accumulators, filtration, or a complete power unit, MHS can get your industrial equipment running efficiently and productively.



The industrial pump group includes gear pumps from the Parker, Tyrone and Commercial brands. There is also a complete range of vane pumps from the Denison group in single, double and triple pump configurations and special hybrid piston and vane pumps are available. The piston pump range includes products from the Parker, Denison and VOAC families including the P1, P2 and P3 series along with the World Cup and Gold Cup closed loop pumps in addition to the VOAC F11 and F12 pumps. Regardless of your requirements, MHS can offer the right piston pump for the job, with a wide range of options for displacement, controls, SAE or ISO mounting patterns and shafts.

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MHS offer a complete range of hydraulic and pneumatic valve products from Parker for the control of flow, pressure and directional control for industrial applications. The hydraulic range includes cartridge products which can be used in custom housings or manifolds and also Cetopmanifold configurations with sandwich or “manitrol” blocks for specific control of each function. Valve products can be line or manifold mounted. Proportional, programmable and custom control products can be addedto meet specific customer requirements.

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MHS serve both hydraulic and pneumatic systems with the Parker range of NFPA standard range of industrial cylinders. Manufactured locally to meet the demands of the Australian market, MHS can help you apply, design, specify, service and install Parker cylinder products to meet the most applications. Parker is also in the process of adding composite construction cylinders to reduce both weight and energy requirements.

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MHS and Parker offer several styles of motors to suit the demands of the industrial market. From conveyor drives to feed control, Parker have motors to suit both open loop and closed loop applications. Both low speed high torque and high-speed motors can be selected from Parker range of hydraulic motors. The Parker range of motor products includes high speed gerotor motors (Gresen, Nichols), low speed gerotor motors (Ross, Nichols, Torklink), gear motors, (Commercial, Tyrone), vane motors (Denison) and piston motors (Parker, Denison, VOAC). MHS can also offer clutch, brake, gear box and overhung load adaptors along these motor products to create an engineered motor package to meet specific industrial applications.

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Parkers range of accumulators is unsurpassed, including piston, diaphragm and bladder style units with capacities from a few cubic inches to banks of units with capacities to 57 litres and operating pressures to 345 bar. Oil coolers are also offered with passive and fan cooled configurations with hydraulic, AC and DC motors. MHS can help apply these industrial products to enhance the performance of your industrial equipment.

Power Units and Systems

MHS can offer turnkey systems with reservoir, electric motor, starter controls, pump groups, cetop style industrial valves, filters, cooler and accumulator packages. The wide range of Parker pumps and valves allow MHS to design and specify a power unit system to meet your most demanding requirements. The extensive range of Parker industrial products for both pneumatic and hydraulic applications allow MHS to offer complete systems, from a recognised global supplier.

Filtration and Conditioning

Proper filtration and conditioning is a prerequisite to keep your hydraulic system running clean and efficiently. Parker and MHS have your filtration requirements covered with filler/breathers, suction, pressure and return filter assemblies to protect your total system, or key components. A wide range of filters, indicators, temperature and fluid level sensors are available help you identify when and what filters need to be serviced, or when the system needs to be shut down due to loss of fluids or overheating. Specialty products and systems are available to suit a wide range of industrial markets and equipment.

Connector Products

Designing, specifying and installing industrial hydraulic and pneumatic systems demands making the right connections between all the systems components. MHS offer a wide range of hose, fittings, quick-connect couplings, tube and adaptors in a variety of materials to meet the most demanding requirements of the industrial market. A wide range of specialty hoses and related coupling products are available from Parker and MHS. Contact us with your requirements and we can fabricate and install products to improve your industrial hydraulic and pneumatic systems performance and reliability.

Parker Mobile Systems and Components


MHS sell and service gear pumps (Commercial, Parker, Tyrone), Vane (Denison), Bent Axis (VOAC) and Axial Piston Pumps (Denison, Gold Cup, Parker, P2/P3, VOAC, World Cup) to serve a wide range of requirements for the mobile market. From truck mounted equipment and material handling, to mining, agricultural and marine equipment, MHs and Parker have one of the widest ranges of pump products to meet the demands of the mobile equipment market. SAE, DIN and ISO standard mounts and drives are available to service a wide range of market requirements. Pump and pump groups can be configured for open and closed loop applications.

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MHS offer a complete range of mobile hydraulic valve and control products in line mounted, stackable, and manifold configurations for flow, pressure and directional control. Our comprehensive range includes cartridge products from Parker’s Cartridge Systems Group, stackable valve products from Apitech, Commercial, Gresen and VOAC and line mounted Valve products from Parker, Denison and VOAC. Cartridge valve products can be integrated into custom manifolds to meet specific customer requirements a IQAN controls and sensors can beadded to automate functions and increase operator safety.

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MHS and parker offer several styles of motors to serve a wide range of market requirements for mobile applications. From agriculture to mining, conveyor drives to wheel drives, MHS has you covered. We can offer both low speed high toque and high speed gerotor motors (Gresen, Ross, Torklink), gear motors (Commercial, Tyrone), vane motors (Denison), bent axis piston motors (VOAC) and axial piston motors (Denison, Gold Cup, Parker, World Cup). Motors can be configured to be run in series/ parallel and open and closed loop systems. To meet specific requirements, MHS can also offer clutch, brake, gear box and over hung load adaptors along with our wide range of Parker motor products to create a engineered solution to your motor requirements.

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Accessory Products

Mobile Hydraulic Specialties offer a comprehensive range of accessory products to meet custom requirements. We can supply and service Olaer accumulators, in bladder, piston and diaphragm designs with standard capacities from 1 litre to 57 litres. Accumulators are used to store energy, pulse dampen, smooth shock, reserve energy and supply emergency brake systems. Olaer also manufacture a wide range of heat exchangers and coolers for both mobile and industrial applications with AC and DC motors. Heat transfer rates of up to 45 Kilowatts are available, using a wide range of electric motors, radiators, thermo contacts and motor drives to meet customer requirements. MHS can also supply planetary reduction gearboxes in combination with hydraulic motors, and brake packages to allow a coordinated product package to meet a wide variety of applications.

MHS can also integrate specialised control products into hydraulic and pneumatic systems. For pneumatic applications, MHS can supply PLC packages and sensors to automate motion control and provide repetitive function solutions to suit a variety of markets. MHS can also offer similar control packages for both mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. Parker’s IQAN controllers, sensors, and joysticks can be used to provide unique control solutions. Inputs from sensers, and external media are possible and programmed to ensure both productivity and safety requirements are met.

MHS also offer the wide range of VOAC pilot operated hydraulic and pneumatic controls which can be used to remote control directional valves, brakes, pump groups. The controls can also be fitted with a variety of electrical pushbuttons and switches to activate other machine functions.

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Fluid Filtration and Conditioning

The key to keeping your industrial and mobile equipment preforming and providing productivity to your business is well maintained filtration and conditioning. MHS offer a full range of filtration products to keep your system running clean and efficiently. From suction strainers to high pressure filters, filler breathers, return-line filters, with a range of indicator options to identify when and what filters to service, MHS have got you covered. Fluid level sensors and switches can be added to the hydraulic reservoir to shut down the system or trigger alarms in the case of a hose failure or oil loss. Oil temperatures in the power unit or system reservoir or key system component temperatures can also be monitored to ensure oil conditions are maintained to improve the life of hydraulic system components, reducing downtime and increasing your bottom line.

Power Take Offs

MHS also specialise in the sales, application, and installation of Parker’s Chelsea range of power take offs products. When power transfer is required to drive auxiliary systems on light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles Chelsea has the PTO to do the job. Chelsea products provide the link between the prime mover and the driven equipment. From tip trucks and trailers to refuse equipment, aerial platforms to fire-fighting equipment, Chelsea has a wide range of PTOs to suit most transmissions. Chelsea PTOs can be specified as constant mesh for continuous applications or wire, air and electric over air actuated or “hot shift” clutch actuated for power on demand applications. A wide range of gear ratios, output shafts and flanges are available to drive Parker gear, vane and piston hydraulic pumps and drives. Parker Chelsea offer several styles of PTO’s, direct mount to bottom or side the transmission, front and rear drive and split shaft configurations are available to suit a wide range of markets and applications. MHS can provide specific PTO, pump, and auxiliary system product combinations to ensure your equipment’s productivity.


Hose, Fittings and Connector Products

Designing, specifying and installing hydraulic and pneumatic systems demands making the right connections between all the system’s components. MHS offer a wide range of hose, fittings, adaptors, quick connect products from Parker and other suppliers. Parker’s offers the industry’s broadest range of quick connect products for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Specialty hose and fitting products are available to cover the specific requirements of the mining, material handling, truck, marine, earthmoving, and agricultural markets. MHS can specify and supply connector products to improve your hydraulic and pneumatic systems performance and reliability.

Rineer Hydraulic Vane Motors

Mobile Hydraulic Specialties are also distributors of the Rineer range of hydraulic vane motors. The Rineer vane motors utilise a patented and unique vane crossing vane design, with rotating vanes in the rotor and sealing vanes in the stator.

Rineer motors are used extensively in mining, drilling, marine, material handling and earth moving applications.

Rineer has 3 product families designated by the largest displacement within the product group.The 15 series offers displacements from 6 to 15 cubic inches per revolution, along with a 2-speed model , the 37/57 series has displacements from 12 to 57 cubic inches per revolution and the 125 series has displacements from 60 to 125 cubic inches per revolution. As multiple motor cartridges can be stacked onto a single assembly, Rineer motors have a displacement range of 96 to 4000 cc per revolution, with output power ratings to 580 Kw.The Rineer motors work equally well in both open loop and closed loop systems. The larger 37,57 and 125 series double stack units also allow “series/parallel”,2-speed operation with external valving to further enhance the speed and torque output.

The ID of the Rineer stator has multiple elliptical vane tracks or cavities, isolated by the stator vanes. The rotor vanes are both hydraulic and spring loaded. The 15 and 37/57 series have 4 stator cavities 10 rotor vanes, while the 125 series has 6 stator cavities and 16 rotor vanes. Thus the 15 series has 40 power strokes per revolution and the 125 series has 96 power strokes per revolution. The result is a virtually flat output torque “curve” with start to stall torque being 90-94% of theoretical across the speed range for a given displacement. The Rineer design offers both low speed high torque and high-speed high torque capabilities.

Rineer has a long history with the drilling industry. With specially configured motor assemblies, Drill- heads have become a natural extension to the Rineer product-line. Due to the geometry of the rotor stator group, a “thru-hole” can be added to themotor shaft. External NPT threads on the rear of shaft are used to mount a rotary union to allow water to be pumped down the drill string to increase drill bit life. Large, tapered bearing packages are added to the motor assembly which gives the drill head motors exceedingly high “push/pull” capabilities. Rineerhollow shaft drill-heads currently serve underground drilling, water well, blast hole, directional and large horizontal drilling rigs. Due to the high-speed capabilities of the Rineer drill heads, they are well suited to diamond drilling and portable drilling systems.

Contact MHS for design and application support for Rineer motor products to suit the mobile, industrial and drilling markets.

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