Keep Your Cool: How Oil Coolers Prevent Hydraulic System Overheating

Blog | March 21st, 2024 Oil Coolers

Maintain optimal temperatures in hydraulic systems with oil coolers. Offered by Mobile Hydraulic Specialties, prevent overheating and ensure longevity today!

Hydraulic systems are vital components of industrial machinery that require oil coolers to prevent them from overheating. These systems, which rely on fluids to transfer power, serve as the core of countless machines, driving their movement and functionality. They are, however, prone to overheating. By integrating oil coolers, hydraulic systems are expected to run smoothly and efficiently for a long time.

Overheating in Hydraulic Systems

Overheating in hydraulic systems is not just a minor inconvenience but it can also lead to serious problems. High temperatures reduce the oil’s viscosity, which compromises the system’s efficiency and can result in increased wear and tear on components that lead to premature failure. Moreover, overheating can degrade the hydraulic oil, diminishing its ability to lubricate and protect as well as potentially cause system-wide failures.

Oil Coolers: Main Role and Types

One thing that can be done to overcome the challenge of overheating in hydraulic systems is to integrate them with oil coolers.

Oil coolers are essentially radiators designed specifically for oil, tasked with regulating the temperature of the hydraulic fluid. They transfer excess heat from the hydraulic oil to another medium, usually air or water, thereby cooling the oil before it is recirculated back into the system. This process helps maintain the optimum operating temperature and ensure the hydraulic system functions effectively.

To date, there are two main types of oil coolers you can maximise.

•  Air-cooled Oil coolers: These oil coolers use ambient air to cool the hydraulic oil. They are equipped with fans to help dissipate the heat and are commonly used in mobile equipment and outdoor applications where water supply might be limited.

•  Water-cooled Oil Coolers: Water-cooled oil coolers, alternatively, use water to remove the heat from the oil. They are often used in stationary equipment or in situations where the ambient temperature is too high for air cooling to be effective.

Maximise the Correct Oil Coolers

To maximise the right oil coolers, you have to consider numerous factors including environmental conditions, available space, and cooling capacity needed. You can also ask for help from Mobile Hydraulic Specialties as we have been supplying these products to clients that maximise hydraulic systems. We offer oil coolers with passive and fan-cooled configurations with hydraulic, AC and DC motors, making sure your industrial equipment will perform optimally.

Upon getting suitable oil coolers for your hydraulic systems, expect to attain the following benefits.

•  Increased Efficiency: By maintaining the oil at an optimal temperature, oil coolers can make sure that hydraulic systems operate smoothly and efficiently.

•  Improved Oil Life: Keeping the oil temperature regulated helps preserve its quality, extending its service life and reducing the need for frequent changes.

•  Enhanced Performance: With the risk of overheating mitigated, hydraulic systems can perform at their best, delivering consistent power and reliability.

•  Extended Component Life: Overheating can significantly shorten the lifespan of hydraulic components. Oil coolers help prevent this, saving costs on repairs and replacements.

Oil coolers are key to maintaining efficiency, extending component lifespan, and ensuring the overall health of the system. Invest in one from Mobile Hydraulic Specialties to keep your hydraulic systems cool and ensure your operations run smoothly.

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