Parker Accumulators from Mobile Hydraulics: Accumulator Charging in Hydraulic Systems

Blog | October 19th, 2023

Parker Accumulators

Explore the essence of charging Parker accumulators in hydraulic systems. Delve into the role of charging. Call 03 9798-6511 to optimise hydraulic performance.

Behind the smooth operation of hydraulic systems lies a critical process that influences their performance, efficiency, and reliability: accumulator charging. This often-overlooked step is the cornerstone of maintaining pressure levels, enhancing energy efficiency, and ensuring the seamless function of hydraulic machinery.

Parker accumulators, which are available at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties, must be charged accordingly to effectively optimise the performance of hydraulic systems.

The Science of Accumulator Charging

Accumulators, the silent powerhouses of hydraulic systems, store energy in the form of pressurised fluid. They provide a reserve of power to handle peak demands, absorb shocks, and maintain constant pressure. However, these benefits hinge on proper charging, a process that involves infusing the accumulator with fluid under controlled conditions.

Some primary purposes of accumulator charging are as follows.

  • Maintain Pressure: Proper charging ensures that the accumulator maintains the required pressure level. Whether it is for emergency power delivery or maintaining consistent system pressure, accurate charging is highly needed.
  • Boost Efficiency: Well-charged accumulators aid in reducing energy consumption by capturing excess energy during low-demand periods and releasing it during high-demand phases. This purpose can enhance the overall system efficiency.
  • Stabilise Pulsations: Hydraulic systems often experience pulsations due to changes in demand. A properly charged accumulator smooths out these fluctuations, which leads to smoother machine operation and extended component life.

Accumulator Charging Considerations

Accumulator charging is a precision task that requires an understanding of hydraulic dynamics, system requirements, and safety protocols. One of the things that must be considered during this process is charging pressure. It must align with system specifications to prevent over-pressurisation, which can damage components.

Precharge pressure is another thing that must be considered as it determines the initial state of the accumulator. Accurate precharging ensures the accumulator contributes effectively to system performance. Charging rate must also be considered during accumulator charging. Charging too quickly or too slowly can lead to issues like foaming, overheating, or inadequate pressure levels. Optimal charging rates are determined by accumulator size and fluid viscosity.

Work with Mobile Hydraulic Specialties

Accumulator charging is a specialised task that requires expertise to ensure precision and safety. By working with us, we can select the right pressure levels to execute accumulator charging safely. Our team can also optimise hydraulic system performance, reducing wear and tear on components, and extending equipment life.

At Mobile Hydraulic Specialties, we can work effectively with Parker’s range of accumulators. These components, which include piston, diaphragm, and bladder-style units, can be serviced by our team to ensure the performance of hydraulic systems.

Charging Parker accumulators may seem like a small step in the vast world of hydraulic systems, but its impact is anything but minor. By understanding the science, adhering to precision engineering, and enlisting the expertise of Mobile Hydraulic Specialties, we can ensure your hydraulic systems will perform at their peak, delivering power, efficiency, and reliability to a wide range of industries.

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