What are Power Take Off Systems in Pumps?

Blog | March 20th, 2018

There is a vast world between the pumps you know about and the pumps that are used for some of the most important jobs in the world: farming, construction, mining, and processing. Today, we are going to be shifting our focus away from the little pump that your aquarium runs off of and toward speciality power take off (PTO) systems. Power take off systems are fascinating for both their power and their wide range of functionality. Let’s learn a little bit about this system in order to see if it can get the job done for you.

What is a Power Take Off System?

When you talk about power take off systems, you are talking about a pump system that is designed in order to maximise power from within the actual unit itself. Power take off systems are primarily made to harness power from a special source, such as an engine, and pumping it to an implement that is attached to the original device. Consider how a tractor would utilise this system to power up the dousing arms that are used to feed crops. Consider how a fire engine would use a power take off system in order to operate the immense hose from the back of their water truck.

Power take off systems, sometimes shortened just to power takeoffs, largely revolve around a drive shaft that operates as the primary source of power in the whole system. This drive shaft is accessed by way of the power source and then that energy is pushed through a hydraulic pump in order to be put into operation. While ostensibly simple in operation, power take off systems are actually pretty diverse depending on how you are going to operate them. For example, a tractor system might have their PTO installed for only a part of the season whereas a marine engine will have it permanently mounted.

If you are ready to get a PTO system for your own personal needs, then keep on reading and we can help you out.

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