Vacuum Pump Uses and Applications

Blog | October 21st, 2020

One type of pump that is heavily utilised by numerous industries is known as a vacuum pump. A vacuum pump is a device that pumps gas or liquid molecules out of a sealed container to leave or make a vacuum. The original concept of this device originated from Otto von Guericke. However, as technology progresses, the design, function, and application of the earliest vacuum pump have continuously changed.

The way the vacuum pump is designed would depend on its specific type. But in general, all vacuum pumps can eliminate gas or liquid molecules from the vacuum chamber or container. The removal of these molecules can be difficult. And so, a vacuum pump must operate alongside a significantly large pressure range. In an industrial setting, eliminating these molecules would usually take different types of vacuum pumps, with each possessing varying pressure range but operate at the same time.

Benefits of Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps can be truly beneficial to a lot of industries and their respective applications. For one, these pumps can improve the efficiency of every operation and application that they work on. In a mining application, vacuum pumps can be maximised to safely transport mine waste materials from one place to another. They can also remove waste from clogged drainage or pathways easily. The odour of the site can likewise be controlled through vacuum pumps.

The improvement over the efficiency of an application extends towards the medical industry. Vacuum pumps can be used with other devices so they can evaporate or distil one component or element at a time. This specific application allows one to maximise yields and minimise the overall process times.

Aside from efficiency and even versatility, vacuum pumps are known for their simple design and operation, reliable high speed and output, a wide variety of size variations, and ease of maintenance. With these benefits, vacuum pumps are deemed to be cost-effective in any given industry or application. 

Vacuum Pump Applications

As previously mentioned, vacuum pumps come in different form factors, types, and other more classifications. All these variations allow them to be used in a wide array of industries. Some of the most prominent industries that maximise vacuum pumps include automotive and aircraft, pharmaceutical, energy, and manufacturing. 

Vacuum pumps are utilised in automotive and aircraft industries through instruments that can measure pressure and other elements. These pumps are also used in making gyroscopes, which are used to maintain orientation and angular velocity. As for the pharmaceutical industry, vacuum pumps are primarily used for radiation therapy and surgery. Various medical devices likewise work with vacuum pumps. The extraction of ethanol and carbon dioxide can also be done through a piece of equipment that has a vacuum pump.

The energy industry also maximises vacuum pumps by using them as the primary way of removing and cleaning oil on transformers. The manufacturing industry, on the other hand, use vacuum pumps to support the operations of different types of plants such as paper, sugar, plastics, and brewer bottles. The production of vacuum tubes and electric lamps is also possible with vacuum pumps.

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