Uses of Hydraulic Vane Motors

Blog | October 27th, 2015

One of the first people to construct a hydraulic motor was William Armstrong; a well-known scientist, inventor and philanthropist. (1810–1900). He invented the hydraulic accumulator; a cast-iron cylinder that was fitted with a plunger that supported a very heavy weight. The plunger was raised slowly as it pulled in water. The plunger lifted until the descending force of the weight was able to force the water beneath it into pipes at tremendous pressure.

Today, Armstrong’s invention plays a significant part in numerous hydraulic applications including hydraulic vane motors. The present-day hydraulic motor provides continuous rotational force through an arranged output shaft to power various devices such as industrial machinery, agricultural mechanisms like harvesters and tractors, construction equipment and special purpose vehicles.

Different Types of Motors

Basically, there are three different types of motors, all with dissimilar features. Piston motors are the most expensive and offer the highest pressure, flow and efficiency ratings. Gear motors are the lowest in cost and work ideally with medium flow and pressure. Vane motors are in the mid-range cost and offer high flows and medium pressure ratings.

With mid cost range and pressure, vane motors feature housing with an unconventional bore and a rotor that slides in and out. It is the movement of the pressurised fluid that causes a top-heavy force making the rotor turn in one direction.

Vane Motor Styles and Uses

The vane motor comes in numerous styles such as radial, axial and other less conventional designs. They are used in both mobile and industrial applications. The verified dependability and the available designs feature supreme uptime and uncomplicated serviceability. In addition, the low break out force eases the start-up speed which reduces the stress on the system pressure spikes.

Furthermore, the variable speed and rotary hydraulic power of a vane motor is efficient and economical. Plus hydraulic vane motors offer variable horsepower structures with constant torque that reduce costs and increase proficiency. What is more, when protected by a relief valve they can be stalled under a load without incurring damage.

Countless Applications

Hydraulic vane motors are utilized extensively in construction machinery like dozers, graders and shovels. They are also used in various farm devices. In manufacturing works, the vane motor can be found in cranes, drive machines, conveyors and lifts. Additionally, various riding mowers are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions to drive the wheels.

One of the greatest benefits of the vane motor is that they are unfailing for many devices that have their own speed requirements and distinctive torque. Plus the easy to configure power source and continual lubrication system offer a stress-free structure. It is no wonder that many industrialists choose a vane motor over other hydraulic types.


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