Uses of Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Blog | July 28th, 2015

A hydraulic gear pump utilizes fluid compression power to deliver low-noise, high performance muscle. The principle behind the device is fairly straightforward and can be seen in operation when you follow the compact engine outlines that power industrial machinery. For example, a mobile crane uses its internal combustion engine to drive the vehicle from one end of a construction yard to the other, but that engine is also working overtime to drive the gears within the hydraulic pump. Multiple gears mesh within the housing of the pump. They use the protruding shaft of the gasoline engine to create radial power and drive the viscous hydraulic fluid out of the reservoir and through a network of tubing. The tubes terminate in hydraulically energized motors and brawny actuator mechanisms.

As we’ve drawn the broad strokes of one common application, a crane, let’s pencil in some of the details. The load demands of this application dictate the profile of the power source in this mobile lifting example. A small haulage vehicle can therefore assign core lifting energy to the same engine that drives the crane. In the case of a mighty industrial crane, this design no longer satisfies load stipulations, and the genesis of power divides. In other words, a detached, task-specific gasoline or diesel engine enters the mechanical profile. This special prime mover is tasked with being the sole provider of radial energy for the hydraulic gear pump.

We’ve perhaps been remiss in giving power generation such prime real estate in an article that’s dedicated to hydraulic gear pump applications, but these facts do play a role in pump selection. A model with a high RPM rating and the capacity to operate at a pressure of 276 Bar (4000 PSI) is obviously addressing the input power issue by adopting high-energy power requirements. Pump drive torque limits and external shaft fabrication characteristics assume heightened importance in this scenario. Now, as torque and radial power transmission has been given proper form in a situation that depends on fluid sinew, it’s time to expand on those applications.

Hydraulic gear pumps transform mechanical energy into fluid power, exploiting economy of operation and lower maintenance costs in the following usage areas.

  • Cranes and heavy plant equipment
  • Production facility equipment
  • Mining hydraulics
  • Aeronautic components
  • Industrial presses
  • Vehicle oil pumps
  • Compact medical-grade pumps
  • Low noise scenarios such as theatres

Quiet and isolated from the potential dangers associated with electro-mechanical interactions, fluid energy is a safe and reliable physical force. Beginning its potent displacement cycle within a hydraulic gear pump, the fluid can be routed through multiple outlet valves to drive a series of actuators. This command of fluid dynamics delivers the lift for aircraft flaps, the power for the turning and lifting booms on a crane, and even the raw pressure to actuate rows of workshop metal presses in a machine tool factory.

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