Uses and Applications of Piston Pumps

Blog | March 30th, 2018

Piston pumps function at the heart of high-pressure hydraulic systems. The heavy-duty rods slide in their sealed chambers, deliver variable displacement power, and mobilize heavy equipment. Unimaginable load handling capabilities are not an issue when these drive beasts are incorporated. Right there, the clues slot into place. What applications suit this pump type? The answer is a usage domain that demands superior performance when the pressure is bearing down.

Aerospace Systems 

An aircraft is a logical candidate for an axial piston pump. Imagine the flaps and wing control surfaces moving in response to a cockpit signal. The ring of pistons fits inside a cylinder block. They push and pull against an angled swash plate, then the flight surfaces respond. As the aircraft comes into land, the pump activates the undercarriage, the wheels drop into place, and they lock.

Large Mobile Equipment Booms 

Remember piston pumps are variable displacement devices. As such, hoisting functions fall well within the purview of this rod-sliding apparatus. Articulating booms and telescoping booms, they both function superbly when a load-sensing piston pump is taking care of the output. Cooling loops use the device as a feedback eliminator, a thermal control system. Meanwhile, that load sensing feature dovetails with a power limiting control to really deliver responsive control to the cabin operator.

Pressure Washer Usage 

Unlike any other cleaning system, pressure washers discharge a steady stream of highly energized water. At their most basic, a wheeled assembly employs an axially mounted piston pump as a prime mover for a cleaning jet of fluid. It cleans gutters and industrial gunge from filthy surfaces. More advanced variants install inside machine shops and manufacturing factories as a product cleansing solution. In point of fact, a high-quality axial unit can act as a fluid amplifier, a circuit element that increases that cleansing power until the water can cut like an abrasive tool.

At its heart, an axial hydraulic piston pump is a variable pressure controller. It handles flow and pressure changes with equal skill. Because of that feature, we find these units in power limiters and pressure compensators. They limit crane boom muscle, sense loads, and articulate mobile crane limbs. As if that wasn’t enough, aerospace hydraulic equipment also utilizes the principle. In here, flight control systems and undercarriage actuators move smoothly in response to an electronic signal. Lastly, look at a jet washer, a piece of equipment that can be amplified by a piston pump until it will cut metal. Alternatively, a machine shop could simply use the pump as a coolant discharge mechanism.

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