Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of Gear Pumps

Blog | August 22nd, 2021

A lot of industries maximise different types of pumps in ensuring that their tools and machines can work optimally. One type of pump that they utilise is the gear pump.

A gear pump is a type of positive displacement pump that employs a network of gears in pumping and drawing fluid through a cyclic pumping action. This specific pump may come in two variations: external gear pump and internal gear pump. An external gear pump uses two external spur gears, while an internal gear pump maximises an internal spur gear and an external spur gear.

Hydraulic fluid power applications often usegear pumps given the benefits they can provide. However, gear pumps can still boast some limitations that would make them unfit for specific use.

Benefits of Gear Pumps

Gear pumps boast numerous benefits that can help tools and machines carry out their operations. Some of their benefits are as follows:

  • Compact Form Factor – One of the benefits of gear pumps is that they possess a compact form factor. A gear pump is typically comprised of a pump body, the front and rear covers, and two gears. And with these components, it is expected for the gear pump to boast a smaller body and a lighter weight compared to others. With the accompanying characteristics of gear pumps, industries can use and maintain them on their applications without any complicated issues.
  • High Performance – Another benefit of gear pumps is that they can yield high work efficiency. While the fluid loss in gear pumps can be small, they can still operate with an efficiency of 100%. They can likewise provide higher pressures compared to vane or lobe pumps.
  • Insensitive to Fluid Viscosity–One more benefit of gear pumps is that they can be insensitive to fluid viscosity and density. Other types of pumps can be easily affected by the changes in the viscosity or density of the fluid. But for gear pumps, any changes that may occur on the liquid will not affect their performance.
  • Cost-Effective – The small and compact form factor of gear pumps makes them not only easier to maximise, but also cheaper to obtain. The form factor of gear pumps allows them to be transported and assembled without spending too much money. Even the maintenance of the gear pumps is so much easier, making them cost-effective to industries that will be using them.

Limitations of Gear Pumps

Just like other pumps, gear pumps also have limitations that must be accounted for.

  • Difficult to Repair – Maintenance of gear pumps can be easy. But when it comes to fixingsome of their issues, industries may have to spend some more time as gear pumps are difficult to repair. Once they are worn, many industries would just replace them as they are almost impossible to be fixed.
  • Loud Operating Noise – Another limitation of gear pumps is that they can emit loud operating noise. Gear pumps may be known for their radial force imbalance and large flow artery, which makes them generate loud noise during operations. With applications that may be sensitive to noise, it would be better if other types of pumps will be maximised.

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