Understanding Open-Loop Hydraulic Systems

Blog | July 30th, 2020

Hydraulic systems are popular among numerous industries since they can easily transfer large amounts of power through small tubes and flexible hoses. They are also known because of their high-power density supply, their huge proliferation of forces, and their compatibility with a wide variety of actuators that can easily maximise their power.

The Importance of Hydraulic Circuit

Machines that rely on hydraulics are often comprised of a hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic circuit is made from an interconnected set of components that can easily transport hydraulic liquid. It helps control the direction of the fluid or set the pressure of the same fluid. The flow or direction of the fluid is handled by a set of tubes of coolant. The fluid pressure, on the other hand, is controlled by hydraulic amplifiers.

The hydraulic circuit of a hydraulic machine is typically composed of active components, passive components, and transmission lines. Some parts that are present in a hydraulic circuit include a series of pumps, pipes, tubes, hoses, motors, cylinders, and many more. All these parts are intended to help attain the defined fluid’s flow and pressure just to move heavy objects or perform any other tasks.

Hydraulic fluid follows a certain path for it to effectively work. It must first flow to the actuator and/or motors before returning to the reservoir. Afterward, the fluid will be filtered and re-pumped to the actuator and/or motors. The path hydraulic fluid typically takes is known as a hydraulic circuit. One of the types of hydraulic circuits is an open-loop hydraulic circuit.

Principles behind Open-Loop Hydraulic Circuits

An open-loop hydraulic circuit is typically used to provide power to linear actuators like hydraulic cylinders. The pump inlet and actuator-return ports of this type of circuit are attached to the reservoir of hydraulic fluid, which makes the continuous fluid flow possible for the whole system.

The speed and direction of this circuit’s actuator are regulated by the directional control valves and flow regulating valves that are both found between the actuator and the pump. When the position of the spool within the directional control valve is altered, the fluid flow then changes direction. The flow regulating valve, alternatively, manages the flow of fluid by opening or closing the aperture of its variable orifice, which either speed up or slow down the hydraulic cylinder or motor.

Whenever the fluid is directed by the directional control valve to flow towards the actuator, the load resistance against the actuator ultimately leads to a rise of pressure within the circuit, making it possible for specific work to be done. The pressure on the circuit is then managed by a pressure relief valve that allows oil to be present and move to the reservoir. If there is no work to be done, this specific valve directs the oil away from the actuators, causing no resistance to flow and no pressure in the circuit.

Benefits of Open-Loop Hydraulic Circuits

Mobile machines like crane trucks, excavators, and hydraulic presses significantly benefit from open-loop hydraulic circuits due to numerous reasons. For one, the presence of oil in the reservoir can assist in dissipating heat, which makes them run cooler. These circuits can also eradicate foreign contaminants and air bubbles whenever the fluid is in the reservoir. Another great thing about this type of hydraulic circuit is that it is more versatile, especially when it comes to overall system design. Open-loop hydraulic circuits are also cheaper to maintain since they can easily run on affordable fixed displacement pumps. If you want to know more about open-loop hydraulic circuits, you can contact us at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties. We are your total source for the sales, service, design, and installation of fluid power products and accessories.

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