Understanding Hydraulic Filter Elements

Blog | September 29th, 2017

We are living in the age of unbridled technological advancement. Nowadays things are easier than they’ve ever been thanks to computers and the digitization of various professions. However, despite this move toward electronics and computers we still have to look back at how important older systems are to certain services. Hydraulic systems are immensely important in a variety of different fields including agriculture, earth-moving, mining and even food processing. In order to keep these systems up and running you have to be able to rely on the hydraulic filter elements within the system. So, today we are going to take a closer look at hydraulic filter elements and how they operate within the larger system.

What is a hydraulic system?
To understand the importance of the various hydraulic filter elements you need to first understand what a hydraulic system even is. A hydraulic system utilises a pressurised fluid, typically oil, in order to actually power larger machinery. There are three major parts to a hydraulic system: the generator, the motor, and the actuator. In order to keep this relatively short and contained, so we can move on to the hydraulic filter elements, we’ll explain how the system works in a simple way. Essentially force is generated at one point of the system and transmitted to the other point via an incompressible fluid. That’s it.

What are hydraulic filter elements?
Okay, so now that we have an understanding of what a hydraulic system actually is we can take a closer look at what you came here for: hydraulic filter elements. As you can see above, a hydraulic system utilises a liquid in order to transfer energy and power throughout the system. In order for that liquid to go from one point to another it will have to pass through a filter as well as all of the other little pieces of machinery and elements in between. If these elements end up breaking down then the entire system goes down. Let’s look specifically at the hydraulic filter element now.

The Hydraulic Filter Element
This important piece of equipment is necessary for your entire hydraulic system to stay up and operational. Your entire hydraulic filter does nothing without the proper element in place. These elements come in a variety of different shapes and sizes but their fundamental utility is the same. The filter element acts as a literal filter for the operating fluid of your machine. There are different kinds of filter elements as well:

1. Bag Filter – This filter is made of a cloth bag that hydraulic fluid pushes through.
2. Screen Filter – This filter is comprised of small wires that are tightly woven together in order to create a metallic screen.
3. Magnetic Filter – These filters are magnetically charged plates that strip the fluid of contaminants as it passes by.

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