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Blog | February 15th, 2016

Australia is a land of incredible contrasts, of beaches and rugged terrain, but this isn’t a travel brochure. What we want to convey is the sheer indomitable spirit of the land. This isn’t a place that submits easily to man’s domain. Raw muscle is required, and that muscle comes courtesy of heavy hauling machinery. Tough to maintain and tougher to operate when maintenance is ignored, a supplier of fluid power products and accessories in Australia keeps these machines moving.

Supplying the Best Fluid Actuated Products

Snappy reaction times and pure lifting power rule hydraulic systems and keep pneumatic gear active. The mining discipline, for example, needs a trusted partner, a supplier of fluid gear that has the know-how to service and install parts on-site, even if the digging operation is off the beaten track. Meanwhile, mining equipment comes in at least two flavours. Mobile gear lifts bins full of aggregate matter. Cranes and hydraulically-actuated crane trucks then act as site handlers, shifting dirt or coal, ore-laden rock or quarried granite to new locations. The products supplied for the equipment here must be nearly maintenance free because an engineer can’t always be on hand when things go awry. And, while the mobile giants are on the roll in the distance, a refinery or fuel depot is running its fixed equipment and employing pneumatic control valves to safely regulate the explosive environment. Again, the fast supply of a reliable component is essential in this hazardous instance.

Accessories and Technical Support

A supplier of fluid power products and accessories in Australia is knowledgeable in all brand names and has global connections to key distributors, but this practice only truly accommodates the installation and repair of primary system gear and branded equipment. A proper approach, one that leverages the full set of skills present in a seasoned supply depot, embraces the entire system. This system cognizant team member can then communicate with the agricultural firm, the mining engineer, or the chemical processing manager on the same level by following the branches and connection of the pneumatic/hydraulic circuit to troubleshoot the problem and evaluate the need for replacement parts. In other words, a professional supplier is an engineer as well as a salesperson, which just makes the individual a fully-rounded problem solver as well as a highly competent seller of fluid products.

It takes real hands-on knowledge, on-site expertise to know how hydraulic systems and their pneumatic cousins operate, which means your supplier of fluid power products and accessories in Australia is a formidable resource.

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