Return Filter Assemblies: Ensure Hydraulic System Reliability

Blog | January 10th, 2024

Return Filter Assemblies

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Hydraulic systems are often utilised in tools and machines that require force and motion. They basically rely on the transmission of fluid under pressure to provide the said elements, which makes them the lifeblood that powers systems used in industries like automotive, heavy machinery, and so on. Now, one component of hydraulic systems that must be present is a return filter assembly.

Return filter assemblies ensure the purity of hydraulic fluids and safeguard critical components from contaminants. Obtaining them from Mobile Hydraulic Specialties can significantly improve the performance of your hydraulic systems.

Maintaining Hydraulic Fluid Purity

The effectiveness of a hydraulic system is directly linked to the purity of the hydraulic fluid circulating within it. Contaminants like particles, water, and air can compromise the performance and reliability of the system as they have the potential to cause wear on critical components, degrade fluid properties, and lead to system malfunctions. The presence of these contaminants can, ultimately, affect the productivity of the systems and increase maintenance costs.

Return Filter Assembly: Functions

Return filter assemblies, fortunately, serve as the first line of defence against contaminants in hydraulic systems. They are strategically placed in the return lines of hydraulic circuits, where they intercept fluid returning from the system components.

The primary functions of return filter assemblies include the following.

• Contaminant Removal: The core function of return filter assemblies is to remove contaminants from the hydraulic fluid. These contaminants can include particles generated during system operation, debris from component wear, and external contaminants that may have entered the system. The filters within the assembly have specific micron ratings to capture varying particles.

• Water and Air Separation: Hydraulic fluids can be susceptible to water and air ingress, which can lead to foaming, oxidation, and reduced lubricating properties. Return filter assemblies often incorporate features for water and air separation, making sure that the hydraulic fluid remains free from these detrimental elements.

• Fluid Viscosity Upkeep: Contaminant-free hydraulic fluid can retain its desired viscosity, which is crucial for efficient system operation. Return filter assemblies can preserve the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid by preventing the accumulation of contaminants, which often cause fluid degradation.

• System Protection: Critical components within hydraulic systems like pumps, valves, and actuators are highly sensitive to contaminants. Return filter assemblies act as protective barriers, preventing these components from the wear and damage that can result from the presence of particles and impurities in the hydraulic fluid.

Investing in Return Filter Assembly

The functions of return filter assemblies can be maximised fully if you get them from us at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties. Investing in these components can ensure that the frequency of maintenance interventions and replacements will be reduced, which results in cost savings. Quality return filter assemblies can also prolong the service life of your hydraulic systems, enhance system performance, and retain the lubricating properties of hydraulic fluids.

Return filter assemblies from Mobile Hydraulic Specialties can ensure the reliability and performance of hydraulic systems, contributing to the longevity of system components, the efficiency of operations, and the overall cost-effectiveness of hydraulic systems. Integrating well-designed return filter assemblies into your hydraulic systems can help safeguard the integrity of varying systems across industries.

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