Parker High-Speed Gerotor Motors: How They Optimise Hydraulic Systems

Blog | February 2nd, 2024

Parker High-Speed Gerotor Motors

Optimise hydraulic systems with Parker high-speed gerotor motors. Available at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties, ensure smooth, quiet operations. Call 03 9798-6511.

Machines nowadays take advantage of hydraulic systems to gain the needed power for their functionalities. However, to enable smooth and quiet operations, these systems must maximise the right motors. One of the motors industries can use is gerotor motors.

Gerotor Motor: A Quick Look 

A gerotor motor is a type of hydraulic motor comprised of an inner rotor and an outer rotor. The inner rotor often has fewer teeth than the outer one, creating chambers that differ in size. As pressurised fluid enters the chambers, displacement is generated, which then causes the rotors to turn. This working principle of the gerotor motor produces smooth output throughout the rotation, translating rotational motion into mechanical power.

Parker’s Edge over Others

One company that produces quality gerotor motors is Parker Hannifin. It is known for its innovative motion and control technologies. Through its high-speed gerotor motors, industries can expect performance improvements in their operations, especially in terms of precision, reliability, and speed.

Some benefits of Parker high-speed gerotor motors are as follows.

•  High-Speed Operations: Parker high-speed gerotor motors are designed to operate at elevated speeds without sacrificing performance. With maximum speed over 11,000 rpm depending on the configuration, they work optimally in applications where precise and rapid motion is needed.

•  Quiet and Smooth Performance: The overall design of Parker high-speed gerotor motors allows them to operate quietly and smoothly since vibration and noise are reduced. Industrial machinery, therefore, is expected to perform better.

•  Energy Savings: Parker high-speed gerotor motors can also optimise efficiency with variable displacement, matching the flow demands of the machines. This capability prevents energy from being wasted due to oversupplying flow rates.

•  Wide Temperature Range: Machines that operate from -40°C to +107°C can take advantage of Parker high-speed gerotor motors as they are meant to work in such temperature range.

•  Compact Design: The compact design of Parker’s offerings makes them recommended for applications with limited space. Multiple mounting options are also available, allowing flexible installation of Parker high-speed gerotor motors.

•  Simplified Upkeep: The overall composition of Parker high-speed gerotor motors allows industries to maintain them whenever possible, limiting the need for costly upkeep.

Key Industrial Applications

Many industries can benefit from the features of Parker high-speed gerotor motors.

Construction and agriculture industries, for one, can integrate these motors into their equipment and machinery to ensure they can become efficient and reliable. The same motors can be utilised for manufacturing and material handling machinery as they require precision and speed. Even the aerospace and defence sectors can take advantage of Parker high-speed gerotor motors to attain uncompromised performance throughout their operations.

Efficiency and reliability are two elements that hydraulic systems must attain. Through Parker high-speed gerotor motors, industries can expect enhanced performance for their respective machinery. From mobile equipment to industrial machinery and aerospace applications, they easily help optimise hydraulic systems across a spectrum of industries. Contact us at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties today to gain access to Parker high-speed gerotor motors.

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