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Blog | July 18th, 2017

It might be a good idea to determine the functions performed by a power take point before we champion Parker Chelsea Products and their top-of-the-line models. It’s relatively easy to understand what a power take off (PTO) product does. It’s a mechanical syphoning device, a splined gearing package that’s designed to transfer power from a primary drive source and deliver that borrowed energy to an auxiliary machine.

What Auxiliary Machines? 

These are the pumps on fire engine trucks, the flatbed elevating assemblies on diggers, the truck-mounted cranes, and other powerful machines that we see mounted on mobile equipment. As expected, the vehicle engine sends drive energy to its wheels, but the power take off is drawing a secondary stream of mechanical energy to those installed machines. If that explanation sounds simple, that’s because the basic operations performed by the device are simple. It’s the gears and transmission architecture that challenges a leading engineering service.

High-Performance Power Take Offs 

The technical label conjures up images of some massive aircraft leaving its runway behind. A PTO is a powerful device, but it doesn’t fly, not in the conventional sense. Still, Parker Chelsea products are backed with enough brawny torque and internal velocity to make the attached machine feel as if it’s ready to take flight. For instance, a power take off is a geared transmission device, a compact package that’s designed as a prime mover interface. In order to accommodate that function, the mechanical innards must engage seamlessly with the engine. That engagement process is made possible by a hydraulic or air actuator. Cable triggers and small secondary hydraulic motors complete the product meshing family. Naturally, Parker Chelsea leads the field here, with products that use advanced powertrain shifts.

Evaluating Supplementary Power Transmission Features 

Overspeed protection is a must, as is the option to incorporate an auxiliary driveshaft. Then, in the past, lesser design teams offered intermittent torque ratings, but the upper echelon Parker Chelsea product range goes further by establishing a continuous torque rating, a feature that reinforces the auxiliary power backbone, especially in those crane trucks that really need an extra oomph of unattenuated power.

Vehicle engines are reliable road drive systems, but the powertrain under a vehicle bonnet isn’t built to move heavy equipment. A sophisticated, resilient power take off takes on that role. It installs as a muscled gearbox, a device that transfers mechanical motion to an exterior hydraulic pump. Parker Chelsea products take this principle and push it to the limit. In doing so, the fitted supplementary hydraulic pump is equipped with enough uninterrupted torque to move the heaviest loads.

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