Installing Accumulators Can Save You Time and Money

Blog | July 31st, 2017

Keeping your bottom line healthy when your business operates tonnes of mobile lifting equipment isn’t the easiest job in the world. In truth, you’d probably rather be in the driver’s seat, operating the hydraulic gear, not caught in the midst of a money saving roadblock. Fortunately, by installing accumulators, you plug the spending leak. What are these devices? More importantly, how do they save you time and money?


Like an electrical capacitor or rechargeable battery, gas-charged accumulators are designed to store energy. The difference, however, is the type of energy stored. These are hydraulic devices, so it’s fluid energy that’s contained in their compact chambers, not an electrical current. A virtual cross-section, a cutaway of the pressure vessel housing, reveals a diaphragm or bladder component, a gas-filled balloon that “accumulates” the fluid charge as the hydraulic system discharges its fluid load. Essentially, there are gas and elastomeric parts in motion here, parts that need a reinforced shell to improve hydraulic efficiency.

Accumulator Installations 

There’s a science to constructing an efficient hydraulic system. That science keeps work losses low. The devices described here are a key part of that design philosophy. Installed in strategic locations throughout the piped lines of pressure-charged fluid, an optimally sized accumulator functions as a thermal expansion arrester, a device that stores energy while simultaneously excluding an equipment-aging thermal component. Already, then, the cost savings are clear, with mobile hydraulics gear receiving a lifespan boost. In following up on that primary benefit, other handy installation benefits come to light. Let’s investigate further.

A System Balancing Asset 

Piston models are available. However, the engineering technology is typified by the diaphragm or bellows design. This fundamental pressure vessel configuration uses a toughened alloy shell, an inert gas, and an elastomeric sack. In cost and time-saving terms, the installation rationale for this system-essential device centres on fluid dynamics equalization. Fluid pulsation events are attenuated when a high-quality accumulator is installed correctly. Likewise, system shock issues and fluid hammering problems are significantly deflated while that pressure vessel bladder remains inflated.

Finally, accumulator parts should be selected according to their superior features and reinforced materials. A branded product that satisfies this criterion will store energy efficiently, respond rapidly, and generally operate with an improved set of operational features. Maintenance stoppages are immediately minimised thanks to this performance characteristic. Additionally, a superior fatigue lifespan, one that extends the viable working life of the mobile hydraulic gear, means increased savings and reduced downtime, which is a benefits partnership that translates happily into that fattened bottom line.

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