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Blog | November 9th, 2015

The art of selling a hydraulic component and the craft of servicing that same component seem unrelated. After all, apart from the fact these two disciplines focus on a single part, they’re very different beasts. But, funnily enough, these two business-oriented attributes often enjoy each other’s company. Why should this relationship exist? Well, a service contract maintains valves and extraneous components within a smooth-functioning hydraulic system, but this smooth-functioning serviceability will falter unless it’s supported by a smart sales model.

Active Sales Marketing

Just provide a conscientious maintenance program, support it with craftsmen, and reap the rewards. That’s one of the keys in supporting an after-sales strategy, but it doesn’t cover every part of the business, especially when we’re talking about a specialist subject like hydraulics. It’s better to take an authoritative step forward, to go the extra mile, as the colloquialism goes, by forming ties with local businesses. In the case of hydraulic sales and services in Victoria and the greater territories of Australia, this sales element is covered by creating an enduring partnership with other engineering companies, such as Parker and Rineer, hydraulics experts who have positioned their products in countless industrial scenarios across Australia.

Supporting Service Needs

The decision to sell high-end branded products has an immediate and quite dramatic effect on service work, with maintenance needs sliced in twain, and the need to replace parts rapidly dropping due to the long lifespan of beautifully marketed system components. This includes tougher pumps, corrosion-resistant valves, clog-resistant hoses, and a level of filtration mastery that keeps fluid dynamics behaving predictably. Therefore, hydraulic sales and services in Victoria can never be interpreted as a lonely child of the industry because this part of the mission statement is ably addressed by close partnerships, bonds that tie the sales component to branded corporations and localized divisions of international engineering establishments. Meanwhile, servicing are firstly boosted by this sales-related methodology and further raised up by the MHS promise, a guarantee that the product will work as designed. As a representative of the aforementioned brands, we test parts all the way to their breaking point, pushing accumulators and valves until we locate the defect.

The sales and servicing philosophies we’ve covered here perhaps indicate a workshop-like mentality, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our onsite work is formed from unquestionably high standards, aptitudes that include the onsite testing of parts, the manufacturing of hoses, and the further promotion of branded parts, components that we both sell and install. Commissioning hydraulic workings across all of Victoria since our team first came together, our family-oriented business can sell, repair, or design any component you need to get your heavy equipment moving again.

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Address: Factory 89, 38-40 Popes Road, Keysborough, Victoria, 3173