How Parker’s IQAN System Promotes Streamline Efficiency

Blog | February 21st, 2024

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In industrial automation, business owners and managers do everything just to ensure their operations can be as efficient as possible. While many companies offer system tools and accessories that can be integrated into equipment pieces and machines, one brand that stands out the most today is Parker.

Parker Hannifin Corporation is a multinational corporation that specialises in motion and control technologies. It is a global leader in providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide range of industries. One of its offerings is the IQAN system, which encompasses different accessories and tools for the improvement of hydraulic and electronic control systems.

Invest in IQAN System from Parker

IQAN or Intelligent Quality Area Network System is an advanced solution designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of mobile machinery and industrial applications. It integrates effectively into hydraulic and electronic control systems to offer a comprehensive platform for monitoring, control, and optimisation. This system is being offered by our company, Mobile Hydraulic Specialties.

How Parker’s IQAN System Works

Parker’s IQAN system works by carrying out the following functions.

•  Real-time Monitoring and Control: The IQAN System can provide real-time monitoring and control of various aspects within a system. From hydraulic functions to engine performance, operators like you gain unprecedented insights into the machinery’s status.

•  Diagnostics and Troubleshooting: Efficient operations demand swift diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities. Parker’s IQAN System excels in this aspect as it gives detailed insights into the system’s health and performance.

•  Remote Monitoring and Telemetry: The IQAN System goes beyond the confines of on-site monitoring. With remote access capabilities, you and other operators can monitor and control machinery from virtually anywhere. It not only facilitates real-time decision-making but also enables predictive maintenance strategies.

•  Intuitive User Interface: The IQAN System boasts an intuitive user interface that simplifies complex data into actionable insights. You can easily navigate the system, monitor parameters, and adjust user-friendly controls.

•  System Integration: As industries embrace the era of IoT or Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, the IQAN System helps with the overall integration. Its compatibility with these transformative technologies positions it as a forward-looking solution, laying the foundation for smart, connected systems that drive efficiency and innovation.

Benefits of Parker’s IQAN System

One benefit of using Parker’s IQAN System is it boosts energy efficiency. Optimising energy usage is a critical aspect of operational efficiency. The IQAN System contributes to energy efficiency by allowing you to fine-tune machinery parameters for optimal performance. It not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainability goals, reducing the environmental impact of industrial activities.

Likewise, the versatility of the IQAN System allows for customisation tailored to the specific requirements of different applications. Whether it is construction equipment, agricultural machinery, or marine systems, this system adapts, ensuring boosted performance across diverse industrial settings.

Different Parker’s IQAN System components can be obtained from us at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties. They include IQAN controllers, sensors, and joysticks. They can provide unique control solutions, ensure productivity, and boost safety in your premises.

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