How do Hydraulic Systems Benefit from Proper Fluid Filtration?

Blog | June 7th, 2021

Many machines and equipment pieces utilise hydraulic systems in carrying out their core functions. Some examples of these things that take advantage of hydraulic systems are backhoes, loaders, cranes, forklifts, diggers, pumps, elevators, and others.

What makes hydraulic systems great is that they can effectively provide a constant level of torque and force, even though their speed constantly changes. The basic principles of these systems allow them to provide such benefit. These systems generally push hydraulic fluid to generate enough fluid power. The fluid then travels to the valves and cylinder so that the hydraulic energy can change back into mechanical energy. If ever pressure must be relieved, the valves will carry out their functions.

The Significance of Hydraulic Fluid

One of the most vital elements of hydraulic systems that must be maintained optimally is the hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid generally enables hydraulic systems to work. Without this specific element, these systems cannot work and operate at all.

Hydraulic fluid is often incompressible, allowing it to transfer energy throughout the hydraulic system. It is often stored in a reservoir before the hydraulic system starts to operate. Once the systems operate, the pump will extract the fluid from the reservoir and transfer it to other system components. The fluid can work effectively in operations that have varying speed, pressure, and temperature.

Aside from transferring energy, the hydraulic fluid can also generate power to complete the system operations. It can likewise remove any contaminants that may be present in the system by carrying them towards the filtration unit. The hydraulic fluid can also provide adequate lubrication by reducing the friction between the moving system components. Additionally, heat removal and sealing function are both possible with the presence of hydraulic fluid on the system.

Proper Fluid Filtration is Essential

Hydraulic fluid might bring a lot of benefits to the hydraulic system, but it would be better if it is maintained optimally. Through a proper fluid filtration system, the hydraulic fluid is guaranteed to be free from contaminants and elements that can negatively impact its performance.

The presence of proper fluid filtration can effectively extend the overall service life of the entire hydraulic system. Without disturbing particles and elements, the fluid can easily provide power to the system and at the same time maintain its cleanliness. And since the service life can be preserved, the fluid filtration system can assure that the overall efficiency of machines and equipment pieces will be enhanced. Downtimes are likewise expected to be minimised and even prevented entirely with effective filtration.

To know more about fluid filtration systems, just give us a call at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties. The integration of proper filtration can keep your hydraulic system running clean and efficiently. And fortunately, we can meet and cover your filtration requirements through filler/breathers, suction, pressure and return filter assemblies. Different types of filters, indicators, temperature, and fluid level sensors are available to help you when is the best time to service your filters.

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