Fairey Arlon (Parker) Hydraulic Replacement Filters: Purposes and Functions

Blog | September 14th, 2018

In-hand, a Fairey Arlon replacement filter feels hefty and solid. The component is cylindrical, filled with microglass, a media that functions well in hydraulic applications, and ready for duty. Slipping out of hand, it’s soon fitted as a hydraulic replacement filter, one that replaces the aging in-line fluid sieving device that’s clogging an essential piece of hydraulically powered equipment.

Purpose-Designed Fairey Arlon Replacement Filters 

The extended cylinders come with or without sealing O-rings, so be sure the correct product is selected from the hydraulic replacement filters chapter, the one currently being rifled through in a Parker parts catalogue. Assuming a system match is achieved, we can take this moment to appreciate the filter families’ features. Supremely low contaminant penetration ratios are the norm here, with the filtration media cleaning the dirtiest hydraulic oils, according to its extra-narrow pollutant blocking capabilities. Typically, an absolute micron rating that hangs around 10 or lower is demonstrated by these microglass-equipped oil cleaning products.

In-Line Oil Cleaning Functions 

Hydraulic equipment should have a unique system profile or a fingerprint. It’s true, what with the different hydraulic fluids and varying pressures flowing through many uniquely configured fluid circuits. Because of such singular design characteristics, the fluids function more efficiently when they’re cleaned by purpose-built cleaning media. In the Fairey Arlon (Parker) hydraulic filter replacement category, freedom of choice is a major selling feature. There are cellulose-based options and microglass loaded packages that block different oil-suspended contaminants, including water and corrosive flakes. Performance-enhanced, the filtration media also carries out its duties while creating an abrasion and tear-free path for cold starting, which is a particularly annoying condition that’s commonly encountered on mobile hydraulic equipment.

A List of Fairey Arlon Enhanced Features 

Take a look at the main advantages an ailing, choked hydraulic system gains when it’s fitted with one of these in-line oil cleaning products:

  • Extra-low micron rating
  • Efficient fluid cleaning
  • Buna O-rings
  • Microglass or cellulose filter media
  • ISO 2941 burst and collapse resistant

Going on just that last feature, this robust set of hydraulic replacement filters is clearly built to handle many obstructive influences. And that’s as it should be, for replacement components are intended to be fitted on already heavily in-use equipment lines. There’s probably a contaminant already suspended in the hydraulic oil, plus some water, flakes of corrosion, and grime. The equipment is beginning to age. With Fairey Arlon (Parker) hydraulic replacement filters installed, the equipment really can look forward to a second lease on its operational life.

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