Costly Mistakes to Avoid That Causes Failure in Hydraulic Systems

Blog | December 2nd, 2016

When hydraulic systems fail repeatedly, something has to be done to break the cycle, because the standard repair procedure obviously isn’t addressing the underlying cause. Costly mistakes are taking place, and they need to be fixed properly before the equipment can be pressed back into service. Let’s see what’s causing cycling failures in the hydraulic system.

Living with Hot-Running Hydraulics 

If a chilly morning is causing near frostbite conditions, why not pull off a glove and get some warmth from the equipment housing? Because this is a certain sign of a potentially costly breakdown problem. The heat causes seal fatigue and hose damage. Modern engineering plastics are heat-resistant by design, but they will age prematurely if they’re constantly subjected to intense levels of thermal energy. Warm your hands in the cabin, and always report overheating equipment.

Don’t Forget Oil Life, Too 

Contemporary hydraulic mediums are engineered to last for years, but that feature will shrink when other problems crop up. The heating issue mentioned up top, for instance, accelerates the effects of fluid oxidization. Tiny air bubbles expand and cause the regulated fluid pressure to fluctuate. Water and other contaminants undermine the formulated oil, leaving it a sludgy mess. Avoid fluid degradation by conducting periodic tests on the composition of the oil. Take two samples, one from the discharge line and one from the return.

Sidestep Self-Test and Self-Repair Errors

Those samples can be self-tested by using a special kit and analysis software, but a qualified lab can decipher the test results in a way that no amateur can match. Similarly, machine operators are also machine repairers, but only on a part-time basis. Skirt disastrous repair costs by only employing an expert maintenance and repair service. A hasty patch may work in the interim, but it could fail at any moment. Even if it doesn’t collapse, there’s no guarantee the hydraulics system will perform according to its design specs. Inefficiency prevails, and costs rise.

There are no seven deadly sins here, not when mobile hydraulic gear is designed with high-quality parts, but even those branded parts will incur costly repairs when they’re not used responsibly. If a problem is obvious, address it properly. Heating problems are one example of this systematic approach, but there’s also noise issues and performance problems to evaluate. Be diligent, and replace oil when its time has passed. Likewise, call in an expert to test that oil and replace failing parts. Immediate costs will seem expensive, but big savings occur in the long-term.

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