Chelsea Power Take-Off: Uses and Applications in Hydraulics

Blog | July 26th, 2018

A power take-off is a singularly focused piece of hydraulically powered equipment. The device receives energy from a power source, then that energy is transmitted to a separate fluid-powered device. Chelsea power take-offs push that fluid-mechanical principle to the limit. They’re built for heavy-duty applications, for big trucks and other workhorse usage domains. Look, there’s a broken down truck on the road. Maybe it’s fitted with a Chelsea PTO?

Towage and Recovery Services 

No, this truck doesn’t use a PTO, but the bigger vehicle rumbling down the same road is equipped with a Chelsea-manufactured device. The hydraulic interface is coupled to the manual transmission of a tow truck. The cast iron housing is hard to spot because it’s concealed under the truck’s chassis, but its red-painted, cast-iron housing can just be seen purring away down below the big vehicle wheels. Accessing its hydraulically-actuated linkage, the tow vehicle runs out its winch, then it pulls the stalled truck off the roadside and up onto the recovery flatbed, where it’s locked in place. Off to the repair garage, the workhorse Chelsea engineered device gets the job done with fuss-free control.

Dumpster and Dump Truck Muscle 

Instead of transporting a stalled automobile, this large lorry is loading and unloading large rubbish containment buckets. This time around, the PTO is using a power shift and a remote-activated control pad to maneuver the dumpsters into position at the edge of a construction site. Elsewhere, it’s rubbish collection day. A rubbish collection service is going door-to-door, and everyone can hear the hiss of its power take-off as the fluid-driven linkage transforms mobile drive energy into pure lifting force. Plastic bins lift and drop, the lorry moves slowly along the street, and yet another application has taken advantage of this front-to-rear bridging linkage.

Serving Retrofitted Trucks 

Formerly a familiar truck tailgate, the flatbed section is gone. In its place, there’s a knuckle-type crane or hoist. If a crane isn’t required, the power in the Chelsea PTO is being directed to a retrofitted truck winch, a vacuum pump, or some kind of a water drilling assembly. Further down the road, perhaps on a farm or forestry site, the fluid linkage is transferring power to a mulcher or cutting equipment, and it’s doing so with help from a series of electronic sensors, including an overspeed controller and an easy-switch ratio multiplier.

Generic PTO linkages are mechanically or hydraulically powered and moderately capable, at that. Chelsea power take-offs are engineered to take advantage of all available mobile torque. They’re incredibly robust, loaded with power-transmission altering features, and their brand name knows everything there is to know about vehicle gearing. That know-how includes hydraulic power take-offs, the devices that hook separate equipment outputs to mobile-centric gearing units.

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