Benefits of Onsite Service and Testing of Hydraulic Equipment

Blog | August 19th, 2015

A reputable mobile hydraulics company is always more than happy to troubleshoot a product when problems occur. The client can unmount the device or have it professionally detached so that the internal mechanism can be evaluated for issues at a local shop. Of course, this familiar procedure is a little limiting. It restricts the inspection to the pump or valve mechanism and ignores the fact that the fault could be taking place further downstream in the hydraulics system. Additionally, the issue could be happening during a very specific set of events. For example, the configuration of pumps, actuators, and reservoirs could, potentially, be setting up a fault condition that’s triggered by another part of the operating system.

An onsite testing strategy examines the suspected villain in this situation, but it also looks at the whole picture. Why should this approach be preferred to the unmounting option? After all, the removal of a key working component is considered standard operating procedure in many industrial applications? Well, fluid dynamics is regarded as a unique motive force, one that can be better examined when the full system is placed under the maintenance microscope. It’s not always productive to drive an entire vehicle to a hydraulics repair facility, and it’s certainly counter-productive to ship an entire hydraulic mechanism to the shop, so the optimal solution in this circumstance is to opt for an onsite service. The onsite engineer is thus dispatched with a full set of repair tools and test instruments to look at this full picture setting. The pump or valve in question is left in-situ and run as normal, thus enabling the engineer to see the unit working in its native habitat.

The above example applies to repair diagnosis and general maintenance work, but it also provides many benefits when a general inspection is the order of the day. The workhorse vehicle can be temporarily removed from active service for several hours in order to complete the inspection. It’s not difficult to see the benefits in this situation when productivity is the biggest feature of the system. The assembly of hydraulic parts can be tested fully onsite without removing the vehicle or system from active service for days at a time. Downtime is avoided. The service, maintenance tasks, and inspection work is completed by a trained professional, and the system returns to its work environment before anyone notices it was ever absent.

Load testing is the final part of the puzzle here. The hydraulics gear is subjected to extreme pressures to assess the performance of the overall system. Such practices are key in locating leaks in pumps, fluid seepage in critical system components, and a number of other issues that can only be discovered at the systemic level.

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