3 Signs Your Hydraulic Product Needs Immediate Repair

Blog | October 25th, 2021

Many tools and machines today rely on hydraulic systems just to keep them running. Some industries that rely on these types of products are automotive, construction, and mining.

What is great about hydraulic products is that they are simpler to control and maintain. Through levers, push-buttons, and other mechanisms, system operators can effectively regulate the actions of these products. Hydraulic products can likewise provide constant force or torque, disregarding any speed changes. The existence of flexible hoses and tubes also allows these products to transmit a huge amount of power, all without generating sparks. Ultimately, hydraulic products are safe.

Even if they seem to last for a long time, they can still get damaged, requiring them to be fixed right away. If your hydraulic products manifest the following signs, then you should have them repaired immediately.

  1. Slower Operations

Hydraulic products are intended to work efficiently. Hence, they often conduct their operations very quickly. However, if your hydraulic products start to slow down and require a longer cycle time, then they must be fixed right away. The flow of the hydraulic products can effectively affect the speed of the actuator and their overall response times. Once a loss of flow emerges, the operational speed of the products will then slow down too. This specific issue can be fixed by determining and resolving the source of leaks. External and internal leaks must be eliminated to effectively regulate their flow.

  • High Temperatures

Another sign that your hydraulic products are struggling and need repairs is high fluid temperatures. Hydraulic products can be effective if the viscosity of their system fluid is kept at the recommended level. As the temperatures of the products increase, they may negatively affect the fluid viscosity and its overall properties. Hydraulic fluids that are too hot will only damage the seals. They are also expected to deteriorate in quality, which could lead to the failure of the whole hydraulic system. When resolving the problem, specialists would have to assess the condition of the reservoir and other system parts.

  • Abrupt Loud Noises

One more sign that your hydraulic products need immediate repair is the presence of abrupt loud noises. During operations, hydraulic products are expected to generate normal noises as some components move. But if the noises become too loud and are peculiar at times, then you might want to have your hydraulic products checked and repaired by professionals. Hydraulic products that produce these noises typically possess aeration or cavitation. Aeration happens when the hydraulic fluid is contaminated by air. Cavitation, alternatively, occurs whenever gas bubbles form, leading to vapour cavities.

Without immediate repairs, your hydraulic products may continue to get damaged internally and externally. They can also affect the overall performance of your business operations.

If you need professional repairs for your hydraulic products, you can call us at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties. We apply, sell, and service mobile and industrial fluid power products and accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

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