Wide Range of Parker Pump Products and Spare Parts Available at Mobile Hydraulics

Blog | March 26th, 2021

A hydraulic pump normally converts mechanical power into hydraulic energy that can be very useful in powering hydraulic drive systems. Its functionalities can be divided into two. First, the mechanical action of the pump generates a vacuum at the pump inlet so that the atmospheric pressure can force liquid into the inlet line down to the pump. Second, the same mechanical action from the pump sends the same liquid to the pump outlet and subsequently delivers it into the hydraulic drive system.

Given the functionalities of hydraulic pumps, they are often used in powering excavators, cranes, tractors, vacuum trucks, dump trucks, and other mobile machines. These machines play significant roles in various applications. Therefore, their core components must be made and come from a reputable company.

One company that can provide high-quality hydraulic pump products and accessories is Parker. The Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division of the said company is known for meeting the needs of industrial and mobile applications. With the division’s rich history of manufacturing and supplying important machine components, we at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties offer them without any hesitation.

Pumps for Industrial and Mobile Applications

Parker offers pumps that can be very useful for industrial and mobile applications. For industrial applications, Parker boasts a complete range of vane pumps in single, double, and triple pump configurations, as well as special hybrid piston and vane pumps. The range of piston pump from Parker, Denison, and VOAC families typically includes the P1, P2, and P3 series alongside World Cup and Gold Cup closed loop pumps. A wide variety of options for displacement, controls, SAE or ISO mounting patterns, and shafts are also available here at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties.

As for mobile applications, we offer gear pumps, vane, bent axis, and axial piston pumps from Parker to effectively meet the requirements of the said applications. We likewise supply SAE, DIN, and ISO standard mounts and drives that are needed in mining, agricultural, and marine industries. Our pump and pump groups are also configured and designed for open and closed-loop applications.

Mobile Hydraulic Specialties Offer Spare Parts

Aside from important pump components, we also offer parts that are needed for the operations of hydraulic-powered machines and equipment pieces. We offer a complete range of hydraulic and pneumatic valve products from Parker that can control flow and pressure for industrial applications. Our hydraulic range includes cartridge products that can be utilised in custom housings or manifolds. As for mobile applications, we also have hydraulic valves and control products that can be configured in many ways. We offer cartridges and line mounted valve products that come from Parker.

Other spare parts that we at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties can offer to applications include cylinders, motors, accumulators, coolers, power units and systems, filtration and conditioning, and connector products. All these products from Parker meet certain standards that make them useful for industrial and mobile applications. They are guaranteed to meet the demands of the Australian market, which is why we gladly offer them to all our existing clients and prospect customers.

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