Why Original Spares and Right Hydraulic Fittings are Essential

Blog | September 5th, 2019

The hydraulics industry has undergone a complete transformation over the last two decades. Once full of unwieldy machine parts, the components are compact, yet they’re at least as powerful as ever. Performance-enhanced, they specify longer lifespans, too. In a nutshell, the mobile hydraulics sector is thriving. That happy state-of-affairs only takes a nosedive when substandard spares are used to repair poorly operating equipment parts.

Substandard Spares Cause Performance Lag

Granted, other performance hits deserve a mention, too. Bad maintenance practices cause avoidable operational headaches. It’s the same with environmental challenges. For instance, a watery worksite could very well send beads of wetness into the workings of a high-functioning hydraulic pump. Still, by sourcing the wrong hydraulic fittings, a wholly avoidable early failure predicament is being introduced. Basically, the equipment can’t help but be impacted because it’s been set up to fail. This is a no-win scenario.

Criminally Overlooked Replacement Parts

It’s not a crime to turn a blind eye towards a genuine replacement component, although sometimes it feels like it should at least be a misdemeanour. A primary conduit, like a hose, is thick and strong, but if its fittings are generically sourced, there’s no way to guarantee overall pressure integrity. It’s like trying to install a two-foot thick chromium steel door in a wooden wall. What would be the point? The door would hold, but the frame would break after a few blows. For every branded hose and pipe, an equally strong and reliable hydraulic fitting must be incorporated. To use one last metaphor, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Mobile hydraulic gear cannot afford a weak link.

The Not-Quite Universal Linkage Conundrum

Pressures are falling and scoop responsiveness is coming up woefully short. Here’s another reason for purchasing genuine spare parts. Hydraulic fittings are, under normal circumstances, compatible with one another. However, different manufacturers use different engineering specifications and contrasting quality assurance standards. The resulting manufacturer bias leads to poor connectivity and unforeseen seal failures. With the right spare on-hand, such frustrating circumstances are significantly curtailed. Why, even connection standards can vary between manufacturers. If a time-sensitive lift suddenly gets put on hold because of a fitting failure, the last thing someone wants to deal with is a replacement spare that doesn’t connect snugly to an existing system port.

Embarrassing mistakes, ones that could cause an early job termination, occur when the wrong hydraulic fittings are purchased. By sticking with a recognized parts vendor, connector compatibility and seal integrity issues are negated. A hose receives its pressure-assured fittings, angle joints never fail, and fluid leaks rarely develop. Honestly, it’s a hard enough job, the maintenance of an intricate hydraulic system, which is why expert repair technicians always back up their services by bringing in genuine replacement parts.

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