What to Do When Hydraulic Cylinders Fail to Level Running Hours?

Blog | October 24th, 2022

Mobile Hydraulic Specialties can analyse the components of your hydraulic cylinders and re-engineer them so that they are more robust and have a longer service life if your hydraulic cylinders are not fulfilling your criteria in terms of the number of operating hours because every single second is important!

Upgrade For Extended Service Life

Although all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of hydraulic cylinders manufacture their products to a very high standard, which satisfies almost all of their customer’s requirements, there are situations in which certain operating conditions can shorten the service life of the product or cause it to fail prematurely. For instance, situations that go beyond what would be considered usual for the hydraulic cylinder operation might be caused by excessive duty cycles or aberrant loading and unloading occurrences. Regardless of the circumstances, numerous factors might shorten a hydraulic cylinder’s lifespan. However, not all can be designed to fit inside a cylinder used in manufacturing.

If the consistent and early failure of hydraulic cylinders is an ongoing issue, then it may be conceivable to modify one or more of the components that make up the hydraulic cylinder to account for the particular issues. This article will cover the method of upgrading hydraulic cylinders in detail.

Observation and Situational Analysis

The first step is to ascertain the cause of the failure and identify the components to blame. The cylinder will be dismantled thoroughly, and all components will be examined for signs of abnormal wear. The professionals at Mobile Hydraulic will create a full report, which will be tracked and stored in our industry-leading Frontrunner platform. Our in-house engineers will evaluate this data and visually examine the defective components. They may also discuss the problem with the client to acquire a better knowledge of the nature of the application and the on-site environment and establish what elements may have contributed to the early failure. They will utilise all of this information and their extensive engineering knowledge to develop a new set of technical standards for the enhanced cylinder components.


Our in-house engineering and design group creates new bespoke component designs and comprehensive drawings using the updated set of technical criteria, including material selection, to guarantee the new component matches the enhanced design parameters.

Our technical team has extensive expertise custom designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of specialised hydraulic systems and applications. They use these talents to create designs that outperform the original OEM design criteria.

Simulation Testing

Any new component must first pass rigorous software simulation testing techniques to thoroughly validate the design and ensure it will work as planned. This is accomplished through Finite Element Analysis, the gold standard in software design simulation testing for engineers. This programme, in the hands of expert engineers, can adequately forecast the performance and reliability of any new component, enabling our engineers to make exact changes to designs to guarantee

Mining operations must adhere to tight running hour standards to effectively estimate and coordinate the maintenance schedules of each piece of equipment in the fleet. These are created following the manufacturer’s suggested running hours. However, in rare circumstances, hydraulic cylinders fail to fulfil these desired running hours. When this occurs, machinery is rendered inoperable, resulting in unanticipated delays.

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