What Happens When You Buy Counterfeit Hydraulic and Pump Parts?

Blog | January 25th, 2018

Buyer beware, counterfeit hydraulic components are on the rise. That’s the rallying cry echoing throughout this industrial sector. It’s a problem, this slyly proliferating fake parts market, an instance where imitation really isn’t the sincerest form of flattery. To the contrary, these relabeled pump parts are undermining the hydraulics industry. Productivity losses are the least of our worries, for exposure to this subterfuge is placing equipment operators in danger.

Counterfeit Hydraulic Parts Shorten Equipment Lifespans 

Made from substandard materials, from parts that are dimensionally out of spec, these components are not quality assured. They may look identical to the component being replaced, but that’s where the similarities end. Produced by some shadow market organization, there’s no real way to determine just how the replacement part will perform. Granted, it may operate correctly. More than likely, though, it won’t withstand its rated pressure. In point of fact, the newly fitted unit, be it a hydraulic valve or a pump part, might fail dynamically, even explosively. In this worst-case scenario, as the pressure or temperature places stress on the forgery, the material fractures. It ejects broken parts, a stream of hot hydraulic oil, and a pressure-driven wavefront. An injury is likely, as is an increased likelihood of a team member fatality.

Copy Detection: Enacting a Zero-Tolerance Policy 

Naturally enough, there’s no desire here to cause a panic. We’re not looking to agitate a potential buyer, just to underscore the dangers that arise when a counterfeit hydraulic component is adopted instead of a genuine part. Certainly, this is a case of the weakest link endangering the system. It’s a real can of worms, one that will most certainly backfire if it opens. Zero tolerance measures take a dim view of such issues, which is why the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) exists. The mission statement of this brand enforcing agency is to tackle the grey market head-on and to stop forgeries from gaining traction in what’s a potentially hazardous engineering domain. Remember, when branded parts are installed by skilled technicians, the mobile hydraulic equipment operates dependably. But when dubious copies infiltrate the market, then the health and safety act is eroded.

Fake pump parts and hydraulic assemblies are a real problem in this industrial sector. Compressed fluids are channeled safely when the correct parts are sourced. If this genuine parts contract is undercut, then this reliability factor goes out the proverbial window. Authentic parts deliver superior seals while assuring pressure-rated fluid transmission, a service that no counterfeit component can earnestly assure. No, those fake parts cause harm, shorten system lifespans, and hamper equipment functions. Fortunately, grey market parts are being blocked by advanced component tracking systems and counterfeit avoidance programs.

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