What are the Most Common Hydraulic System Accessories?

Blog | January 29th, 2019

Along with the piston-driven pumps and actuators that form the main arteries of a hydraulic system, full-service hydraulic equipment manufacturers provide hundreds of different accessories. The system fittings refine certain performance-oriented qualities and generally improve the interface that forms between the components of a fluid circuit and its mechanical parts. Starting with filters and strainers, this list of commonly sourced hydraulic accessories delivers performance gains, plus much more.

Filters and Strainers

The location of a hydraulic filter determines its function. For inline filters, coarse meshes result in low-pressure drops. For suction strainers, pump-located accessories remove oily contaminants before they can enter smaller circuit lines. High-pressure filters, return variants, and water strainers, all of these fittings are designed to remove foreign particles and fluids. They use wire mesh, pinhole-sized apertures, and special fluid collecting absorbents.

Accumulator Technology

Storing potential energy, the small canisters function like fluid batteries. There are common spring-loaded mechanisms, which function via an energy storing prestressed metal coil. Gas loaded and liquid loaded accumulators round out the inventory. They use incompressible fluids to store large quantities of potential energy. As a system accumulator supplements pump flow, it provides a range of performance shaping features, including greater dwell times and faster response curves.

Multipurpose Control Valves

This is where we find the short, stubby control levers that manually control system shutoff features. Commonly found ball-operation valves deliver ancillary functions, including locking positions, limiter switches, and pneumatic pilot lines. Alternatively, ball valves give way to butterfly valves and those that use needle actuators. Labelled with descriptive titles, including two-way line valves, three-way diverters and more, the inventory broadens as material choices and porting designs demand.

Clamps and Fasteners

The manually operated and automated valves mentioned above exist just on the inventory fringe, but they’re still considered key circuit components. Supporting those parts, hose clamps and component fasteners provide vibration-resistant mounting versatility. The clamps expand to enclose banks of hoses and tubes. For fasteners, there are special locking nuts and galvanized bolts, each of which provides raw mounting strength. No matter the hostile nature of the environment, mounting accessories deliver plated coating strength.

Electronic instruments and mechanical pressure gauges compete with flow velocity meters and temperature sensing thermisters for space on the front page of a hydraulic accessories catalogue. Valves and rubber-cushioned clamps, accumulators and breather caps, the chapter swells to include pages of seemingly unimportant but actually essential auxiliary items. Finally, the mobile hydraulics sector puts a special emphasis on the materials these accessories are constructed out of, as mobile applications necessitate galvanized and plastic-supplemented coating strength.

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