VOAC Pilot Operated Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controls

Blog | November 9th, 2017

Is there a mirror version of a feedback electronic system in a fluid-based circuit? Yes, there is such a creature. This is a pilot operated hydraulic and pneumatic control system. Unlike a direct acting controller, a small differential pressure regulates this valve. When this line is accessed, the pilot valve controls a larger, more capable fluid valve. Smaller than their direct mode cousins, pilot operated mechanisms offer some interesting benefits.

Fast Response Times 

In this article, we’ll highlight the properties of VOAC pilot operated hydraulic and pneumatic controls, a lead manufacturer of the finest controllers on the market today. Capable of being custom-set to match many operating pressure ranges, VOAC products are ideally suited for this application. Their pilot operated controls can be located at some distance from the master cylinder, yet they still instantly access the pilot line, so equipment response time is maintained.

Entirely Configurable Build 

Like the feedback line on an electronic amplifier, VOAC pilot operated controls can loop back to connect to special input terminals. These terminals are responsible for automating two-stage and three-stage valve assemblies. Simply put, the small pressure differential in the pilot line can be configured to control much larger valves. Again, response times are greatly minimized. Only, this time around, it’s a valve in the primary fluid line that’s responding instantaneously to the pilot signal.

Pneumatic Hazard Control 

In explosively loaded environments, the vapour space is full of volatile organic compounds and combustible gases. Electronic control lines cannot be employed as an actuating signal inside this volatile setting, so the pilot line on a pneumatic valve serves this purpose. VOAC pilot operated hydraulic and pneumatic controls work in concert to eliminate electrical sparks. Instead of that electrical signal, the pilot signal pneumatically regulates a bank of hydraulic valves. Considering the sheer quantity of oil rigs, oil refineries, and fuel storage depots that exist around the globe, this function is very welcome indeed.

On a hydraulic circuit drawing, the dashed line indicates the route taken by a pilot signal. The valves used in this control system are smaller and more complex than their larger hydraulic relatives. They’re built to optimize response times and deliver finite controllability. That’s a tough set of features to pack into one family of products, but it’s a degree of top-tier functionality that’s met and perhaps even exceeded when the VOAC portfolio is called on by a hydraulic system and its part’s governing subsystem. By the way, this controllability factor can easily be relocated, which means the equipment gains a remote mounting feature.

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