Turnkey System for Pumps and Hydraulics Power Units

Blog | November 3rd, 2017

A turnkey service, according to most professionally hosted engineering resources, is one that’s readily implemented. The solution is installed as a wholly operational mechanism, and it’s ready to snap into motion as soon as the ‘key’ is turned. In terms of turnkey systems for pumps and hydraulic power units, a fully configured power furnishing solution is built to fluidically energize a desired piece of equipment, as described in the following text.

Full System Hydraulic Solutions 

This is an end-to-end system, not a single device. In that turnkey hydraulic gear, all of the required pumps and hydraulic power units are installed, as are the manual or computer control lines that create a modular chain of power linkages. The reason for this ready to operate sensibility is easy enough to discern. Simply put, every component in that power transmission line is built to work efficiently with its neighbour. A fluid reservoir is sized to discharge power, the actuators operate properly because their design specs match the fluid supply, and every hose, tube and connector similarly operates at its best. Turnkey or modular, the all-in-one package is optimized according to its application. Now, what applications would those be, now that we’ve touched on the subject?

Pumps and HPUs Deliver Turnkey Service 

An HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) operates its pumps and associated components inside a reinforced steel frame. Like a compact generator, it delivers power, not electrical power, but there’s definitely plenty of fluid force being delivered by this powerful machine frame. The equipment is commonly mounted on wheels, installed in offshore sheds, and mounted on skid racks. In order to accommodate that talent for mobile roving, the gear can be powered by diesel or electricity, so expect to see the compact footprint of a turnkey system operating in a manufacturing or construction site, perhaps as a power source for a hydraulic ram. As for the maintenance requirements here, the sealed but ventilated housing opens readily to expose a self-contained hydraulic pump, reservoir, power unit, and all of the associated pressure gauges/controls.

A turnkey system loaded with self-contained pumps and hydraulic power units acts as an all-in-one fluid power package, a modular equipment hydraulic energizer that reliably meets the needs of any application. Built as a skid-mounted or wheeled equipment range, the turnkey fluid power source will activate at the push of a button to energize packaging machinery, manufacturing tools, machine shops, agricultural sites, and construction grounds. Essentially, this machinery is a self-contained, high-functioning hydraulic energy furnisher, one that’s as reliable as it is easy to maintain.

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