The Importance of Accurate and Well-Maintained Filtration System in Pumps

Blog | March 25th, 2019

When you operate a pump, it is of the utmost importance that you take care to keep it properly functioning. Pumps can be hardy machines that work to keep a pool filled or to keep an outdoor water feature flowing. In either situation, your pump needs to be able to reliably filter out all of the contaminants that end up in the system. A well-maintained filtration system is incredibly important to the long term health of your pump and your water feature. Today, we are going to break down why this filtration system is so important.

Importance of a Pump Filtration System

Whether you are looking to keep your pool filled or your koi pond healthy, you are going to be relying on your pump. When your pump breaks down, you run the risk of encountering a number of problematic outcomes. Your pump may be a hardy machine, but there are enough potential problems that could manifest as a direct result of your lack of a functioning filtration system. Let’s look at a few different reasons that you need to keep your pump filtration system working and in order.

1) Keep Your Pump Alive – First and foremost, if your filtration system isn’t working effectively anymore, your pump is going to suffer. Your filtration system helps to separate dirt, insects, and bacteria from the rests of your water source. When your pump can no longer filter those contaminants, they are fed right through the device itself. As a result, your pump starts to encounter wear-and-tear at a heightened level. This is no good.

2) Keep Your Water Source Healthy
– A filtration system that has quit working will lead directly to a nasty, unhealthy, and potentially dangerous water source. Consider a pool’s swimming pump filtration system. When the filtration system quits working on the pump, the pool itself will start to experience disgusting buildup. Dirty residue that had previously been sucked out and expelled from the pool will instead begin to float around. Have you ever been in a pool without a filtration system? It can be a pretty gross scenario.

3) Save You Money
– Finally, when you properly maintain your filtration system, you are saving your bank account from being drained. A penny’s worth of maintenance is worth a dollar’s worth of repair. When you make sure to maintain your filtration system, everything else will benefit.

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