The Dangers that Hydraulic System Leaks Can Cause You

Blog | March 26th, 2020

While hydraulic systems are more reliable than in the past, engineers still have not found a way to prevent leaks from occurring in them. Owners of these systems must inspect their systems on a regular basis to ensure that no new leaks have developed since they can pose certain risks or dangers to the system, workers and surrounding area. To understand further facts about this issue, refer to the following information.

What Causes Hydraulic Leaks?

• Inadequate seals and fittings either through their construction or from improper lubrication will deteriorate or loosen and either can cause leaks in hydraulic systems. To prevent this issue, always match the seals and their lubricant to the system according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

• Contamination of hydraulic fluids is another possible cause for leaks. This is due to the fact that the contamination can cause excessive wear on the hydraulic lines, connectors and other parts of your system. Causes of this issue are such elements as water, air, solid particles or chemicals.

• Poor construction can cause leaks, but this one is easily preventable by purchasing your hydraulic system and parts through only a reputable dealer.

List of Dangers Associated With Hydraulic Leaks

1. Malfunctions in your hydraulic system is the top danger of leaks. It can cause all your operations to come to a complete halt when the leaks are severe in nature. Also, your hydraulics might work for a limited amount of time even with these leaks, and this can cause irreparable damage to your system that a simple repair will not fix.

2. A lesser problem that leaks can cause is the higher consumption of oil than usual. The cost associated with this can make a major dent in your operating budget.

3. Depending upon the location of your hydraulic system, a leak also can cause damage to the environment. Hydraulic fluid will pollute soil, groundwater and water sources, such as oceans, lakes and streams. The resulting pollution might damage wildlife and plants as well.

4. On top of the above issues, leaks of hydraulic fluid can cause slips and falls along with injuries to workers or other people.

Ongoing Maintenance Will Prevent Many of the Reasons for Hydraulic Fluid Leaks

The ideal way to prevent the dangers of hydraulics is by performing maintenance on your system regularly. Such maintenance should include the following:

• Check the fluid level
• Make a thorough inspection of any pumps, hoses, valves and motors
• Replace filters if necessary
• Analyse oil condition to ensure that there is no contamination
• Perform a flow test to be certain that your system is operating properly
• Lubricate seals and fittings periodically

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