Significance of Hydraulics in the Construction Industry

Blog | February 24th, 2016

Ancient architects and workers did an amazing job when raising pyramids and temples, but it sure took an age to get the work done. Under today’s productivity standards, those foremen and work crews would be humbled by just how much can be accomplished in a single day on a work site, and it’s all down to hydraulics, the secret sauce that acts as our heavy lifting muscle.

Physics-Enabled Fluid Lifting

It’s just possible that a work team could move building materials to a new location on a construction site, or they could slowly climb with a few bricks at a time. It’s even conceivable that a smart foreman could jury-rig a chain-operated block and pulley to get things done, but, once again, productivity goes out the window. Instead, use hydraulics to power the actuators of cranes, equipment that enables smaller teams to effortlessly move materials in bulk. Take that away and we’re left with piecemeal work conditions, an operation that can never make a profit. And as for structural beams and other large-scale components, no block and pulley is going to shift that lot without an awful lot of energy.

Non-Compressible Fluid Worker

Instead of suffering through that mess, employ a few basic laws of physics, the non-compressible nature of a liquid and the ability to distribute force through a sealed system via a fluid reservoir, some hose or tubes, and a prime mover. The energy is smoothly transmitted through the tubes, amplifying the actions of an operator inside a vehicle cabin. The vehicle itself is anchored by outriggers, and the boom or articulated limbs of a heavy lifter actuate special valves to convert small gestures into powerful motion. In short, the ability to convert human arm and finger actions into magnified lifting maneuvers is an asset that no construction area should ever be without.

Electro-hydraulic gear assumes many shapes when called into service on a work site. The fluid-actuated parts do all the heavy lifting. They enhance productivity and minimize worker fatigue. The result is a safer work environment, one that can do the labour in the fraction of a time it would take for a large team to match. Costs are therefore reduced because the machinery doesn’t need a living wage, but maintenance overheads should be tracked. Additionally, mobile hydraulics rule the roost here, but fluid-powered jacks, pullers, and other industrial-class equipment are always on hand to make life easier when human muscle isn’t enough.

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