Rotary Vane Pumps Maintenance Tips

Blog | April 14th, 2020

A rotary vane pump is a positive-displacement pump that has vanes slotted into a rotor, which rotates inside a cavity or cylinder. This type of pump can run under short periods of dry operations. It can also be used for low-viscosity fluids. 

One industry that often uses rotary vane pumps is the automotive industry. Some automobile parts utilise this type of pumps, which include braking, power steering, automatic transmission, and supercharging. Even airplanes use rotary vane pumps in their systems. Simpler applications of these pumps may be seen on espresso and soft drink dispensing machines, air conditioning units, and many more.

If you own rotary vane pumps, you must see to it that they are maintained well. Here are some tips in maintaining rotary vane pumps. 

Change Oil Regularly

The rotary vane pumps can always run efficiently if you change their oil on time. Manufacturers know the appropriate frequency of changing the oil on their pumps, so make sure to know and follow them. Most manufacturers would suggest a four-month schedule for changing oil, while others would try to push it out even further. One thing to remember, though, is to select the right oil grade and weight for your pumps. Choosing high-quality oil can help you prevent contaminants from damaging the pump.

Replace the Filter

A lot of solid and liquid materials may enter rotary vane pumps. Without any great filter, you can expect your pumps to fail after a short time. Just like oil, you must consult with your pump’s manufacturer guidelines to ensure the proper timing of filter replacements. These guidelines can also determine the right dimensions and specifications of the filter for your pumps. 

Keep the Temperature Low

Even if some rotary vane pumps are intended to work for a reasonable amount of time, you must keep them cool all the time. Heat can negatively affect the performance of rotary vane pumps since it can damage a motor faster. If the motor becomes too hot, the viscosity of the oil will be reduced, which then removes the efficient vacuum ability of the pump. Make sure to keep the temperature of these low by running a fan on it. 

Change the Vane

Tools and components that are frequently used in important operations can be subjected to wear and tear. The vane found on your rotary vane pumps can also experience deterioration over time. When the vane reaches a point where it is one fourth shorter than it used to be, then it is a clear sign for you to switch it out. As you change the vane, you can also replace the gaskets and bearings that accompany this component to make everything perform optimally.

The aforementioned maintenance tips can help you maximise and take care of your rotary vane pumps for your day-to-day operations. The need to replace parts can also be minimised if you purchase high-quality rotary vane pumps. To acquire quality rotary vane pumps, you can call us now at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties.

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