Repair vs. Replace: Choosing the Next Step for Your Faulty Mobile Hydraulic Equipment

Blog | May 10th, 2021

Mobile equipment pieces that rely on hydraulics are often used in numerous industries such as agriculture, construction, earthmoving, landscaping, material handling, and mining. What makes mobile hydraulic equipment pieces great is that they can carry out extremely important functions without the need for a piece of large equipment, making them great for projects with tight access areas.

Another great thing about mobile hydraulic equipment pieces is that they do not need complicated designs over their core machine parts and components like cables, gears, and chains. They can even carry out operations under rough environments without any compromises. They may likewise have a high horsepower-to-weight ratio, high torque while operating at low rotational speeds, a variable speed adjustment option, and an actuator force that can be sustained constantly.

While they can be very functional and effective in the field, mobile hydraulic equipment pieces can still get damaged over time. And at this point, contractors and companies that use them have the option to either have them repaired or replace them entirely. 

Repair Mobile Hydraulic Equipment

Mobile hydraulic equipment pieces that already have faulty parts and failing components can usually be fixed with repairs. However, there are a few compromises that contractors may want to consider. For one, repairs do not truly guarantee cost savings as some equipment pieces may fail again after a few weeks or months. Having the equipment pieces can be cheap up front, but the number of repairs that might be needed in the future might cost a lot more compared to just replacing them entirely.

Another compromise that contractors may want to consider when opting for repairs is that it can cost a lot of time. Some repair services may already have all the components needed to fix and replace some parts, cutting the time required for the equipment pieces to be fixed. Others, however, do not possess the required components, which then forces them to find and purchase them. This will only take a lot of time, especially if the products will be obtained from other places.

Repair services can be, otherwise, enticing if they are carried out by reputable companies. These companies often have all the parts needed to conduct the services. They likewise have experienced technicians who can fix and even maintain the equipment pieces in just a short time. They even provide factory warranty for their services and products, allowing contractors to save some money in the future.

Replace Mobile Hydraulic Equipment

Mobile hydraulic equipment pieces that have faulty components and cannot be fixed anymore must be replaced right away since they might cause more problems and issues in the long run. As previously stated, many industries utilise these equipment pieces. And if they continuously use equipment pieces that have already sustained heavy damages, the overall results of a project may be affected negatively. Worse, failure to change these equipment pieces may result in damages to surrounding properties as well as injuries to the people around the project site.

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