Prolong the Service Life of Your Hydraulic System with a Filler Breather from Parker

Blog | July 26th, 2021

One system that is typically used in machines and devices is a hydraulic system. A hydraulic system is a drive technology that maximises pressurised fluid in generating and moving energy from a motor to an actuator. The path of the fluid can be flexible inside the system, making it possible for specific machines and devices to carry out their tasks repetitively and effectively. 

Most of the time, this specific system is integrated into machines and devices that require high power density. It is likewise used to ensure that the operations can be done safely and securely. A lot of mobile equipment pieces maximise this system due to its features alone.

The Significance of a Clean Hydraulic System

The fluid that is being utilised by a hydraulic system is rated to work and last almost indefinitely. However, with the existence of impurities, its performance can be affected significantly. With the addition of built-in and ingresses contaminants within the system, the quality of the hydraulic fluid will deteriorate, which can then cause a significant decrease in the life span of machines or devices. Corrosion and oxidation can also develop with the continuous usage of contaminated hydraulic fluid.

Without these issues, your clean hydraulic system can ensure that it can perform safely. It can likewise make sure that the machines and devices will not operate beyond their maximum limit, preventing any unwanted damages and serious injuries. A clean hydraulic system can also guarantee significant savings in terms of maintenance and replacement costs. Ultimately, the operations of the hydraulic system are expected to continue without expecting sudden downtimes.

Maximising the Features of Filler Breathers

For the hydraulic system to be functional and effective, its hydraulic fluid should be maintained first. Fortunately, this can be done by integrating filler breathers into the system.

Filler breathers are components that can reduce the ingress of contaminants into the hydraulic system. They typically carry out two functions. One of their functions is to offer a fill location for the filling and topping off the hydraulic fluid. The other function of filler breathers is to serve as a tank breather device that would permit air to flow in and out of the system reservoir. 

With the existence of filler breathers into the hydraulic systems, contaminants are expected to be filtered out right away once the air passes through. Some types of filler breathers can be packed with open-cell foam air filter media. Others, alternatively, may feature a mounting location for the spin-on filter.

Aside from air filtration, filler breathers can also carry out oil filtration and airflow control to effectively prevent the ingress of contaminants. 

Obtain High-Quality Filler Breathers from Parker

Parker, a company that specialises in creating hydraulic system components, offers filler breathers for the efficiency and cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid. Some of their filler breathers have an IP65 rating, which makes them protected against low-pressure water flow and dust particles from any direction. They also have filler breathers that are made from metal, making them more durable against damaging elements. To know more about Parker’s filler breathers, you can call us Mobile Hydraulic Specialties.

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