Primary Functions and Applications of Power Take Offs

Blog | November 18th, 2021

Agricultural, construction, and other industries today use machines that are powered by mobile hydraulic systems thanks to their lightweight and small form factor. Machines with these systems are likewise maximised since they can provide high output power without requiring too much space. 

The effectiveness of mobile hydraulics in powering up various machines for the said industries is caused by the harmonious functions of their components. Some of these components are hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, pistons, hoses, and control valves. These components enable the hydraulic fluid to flow smoothly, which can energise the systems. The said fluid can likewise lubricate the systems, seal key system clearances, and dissipate heat.

One more part that can help hydraulic machines work effectively is known as the power take off. Power take offs are mechanical gearboxes that transmit power from an engine to another piece of equipment.

Power Take Off’s Functions

The working principles of power take offs are pretty straightforward. As previously stated, they can convert the power from an engine and send it to another piece of equipment as hydraulic power. The hydraulic power is obtained by the rotating action of the power take offs’ components.

Through a pressurised system, the hydraulic power or fluid power is regulated and controlled according to its main purposes. As the rotating action of the power take offs continues, the pressure in the crankshaft is expected to accumulate. The pressure then allows the fluid power to be utilised in various applications such as towing vehicles, dump truck beds, water pumps, woodchippers, and harvesters.

The fluid power then goes back to the oil tank through the return line after flowing into and powering the hydraulic equipment pieces.

Benefits of Power Take Off

Given the working principles of power take offs, they can effectively reduce the need to invest in another motor or other expensive components just to supply power to various parts of hydraulic machines. Power take offs can likewise offer more efficiency since they do not waste power and energy. They can effectively transfer the power from one place to another without any issues. Aside from convenience and efficiency, power take offs can also make hydraulic machines more versatile and more reliable.

One more great thing about power take offs is that they can work with any engine type. They are even available with a fixed-placement hydraulic pump or an adjustable-displacement hydraulic pump.

Buy Power Take Offs Today

If you want to obtain power take offs, you can contact us at Mobile Hydraulic Specialties. We specialise in the sales, application, and installation of Parker’s Chelsea range of power take offs products. When power transfer is required to drive auxiliary systems on light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, Chelsea has the power take offs to do the job. Chelsea products provide the link between the prime mover and the driven equipment. From tip trucks and trailers to refuse equipment, aerial platforms to fire-fighting equipment, Chelsea has a wide range of power take offs to suit most transmissions.

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