Parker Axial Piston Fixed Pumps Uses and Applications

Blog | June 25th, 2018

Imagine a key hydraulic application. A generic fixed piston pump has decided to quit. The drive shaft stops spinning, the swash plate fails, and the cylinder block freezes. A company rep justifies the failure by talking about high operating pressures, but the excuses are far from satisfying. Parker axial piston fixed pumps won’t give out when the going gets tough, no matter the application.

Application-Specific Truck Pumps 

Watch a Parker piston fixed pump in action inside a specialized truck. The generic solution failed, which meant a skip loader or forestry lifting arm was helplessly locked in place until a replacement could be sourced. The Parker F1 hydraulic truck pump series is a logical replacement. In truth, the truck manufacturer should’ve installed one of these devices from the start. Capable of satisfying the most demanding trucking assignments, the self-priming F1 series has been rigorously tested so that finicky truckers are assured of reliable mobile hydraulic performance.

The Heavy-Duty Hopefuls 

At the lower end of the Parker range, the F1 family establishes a solid platform. The series moves up and through the F2 and F3 series, with their aluminium bodies assuring robust drive output. Further up the product ladder, we arrive at the higher end of the series. The F12 series promises a fixed fluid conveyance architecture and a cast-iron body type that’s designed for heavier applications. This time, the pumps satisfy demanding usages domains. Large agricultural machinery takes advantage of the 95-GPM flow rate. Elsewhere, railway engines use the 480-Bar maximum operating pressure to engage train carriages. Those hydraulic pumps are out there, powering the heaviest, most ponderous loads we can possibly imagine.

Serving the Process Controlling Sector 

Cranes and other mobile applications are comprehensively served by Parker axial piston pumps. Above those ground-based machines, the aerospace sector has a special place for the different Parker series’ described here today. They operate landing flaps and wing surfaces, power undercarriages, and generally grant pilots fingertip control of otherwise unwieldy mechanical systems. In tower cranes, it’s the same, with a joystick interface maneuvering hook assemblies that are larger than a full-grown man. Even production lines and machine shops enjoy their services, with winches and system equipment calling on the spinning drive power as a geartrain prime mover.

For the lower series, the F1 and F2 Parker family of fixed axial piston pumps, skips and small truck cranes gain instant fluid power. Then, way up with the brawny F12 series, the pumps help our pioneers. They’re in oil wells, in mining equipment, and working flat-out in the marine industry.

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