MHS Is the Official Product Distributor of Parker Pumps

Blog | October 9th, 2015

There is no doubt that Parker Hannifin Corporation is the world’s leader in pump technology. It is a $13 billion global company that was founded in 1918. With near 100 years in the industry, you can be rest assured that their products are state-of-the-art.

Parker’s wide-ranging engineering expertise places them in an outstanding position as a prominent troubleshooter in today’s engineering challenges. Plus their many partnerships with customers and distributers allow the expansion of efficiency, success and innovative ways of solving the world’s prevalent challenges.

Parker products can be found in many industries like construction, life sciences, oil and gas, power generation, mining and industrial machinery. So it is an outstanding honor to be a distributer for Parker. Not only are their distributers well trained but they have immediate access to maintenance, spare parts, overhaul and repair items for hydraulic, electromechanical and pneumatic equipment.

MHS Is the Official Product Distributor of Parker Pumps

The Parker name and brand is tantamount with extraordinary quality, market management and leadership, dependability and excellent customer care. And being an official product distributer verifies that you are the best in the industry. Being a top notch distributer also gives a company an unmatched reputation for engineering and technical superiority.

MHS is proud to state that they are an official product distributer of Parker pumps. We are part of a great network that characterizes the leading motion and control brand of Parker products. At MHS, we represent Parker’s all-inclusive collection of pneumatic and hydraulic products to befit the industrial market. Some of our esteemed products from Parker’s relationship through industrial leaders in pump technology include UCC, Denison, Ross, Gold Cup, Waterman, Fairly Arlon, World Cup and VOAC.

Pumps and More

MHS offers a wide selection of Parker pumps to fit your needs. Since we are an official product distributor of Parker pumps we can supply a large variety of options. For instance, we have a very broad assortment of vane pumps from the Denison collection in single, double and triple configurations.

Also available are specialized hybrid piston pumps from the Parker, VOAC and Denison line. And the variety of selections for piston pumps consists of the P1, P2 and P3 series. In addition, we carry closed loop pumps from Gold Cup and World Cup plus the unsurpassed VOAC F11 and F12 pumps.

So when it comes to high quality piston pumps, MHS offers the precise pump for the situation, task or job. Additionally, we have an expansive range of choices for controls, displacement, ISO or SAE mounting patterns and shafts.

Other Services and Products

Along with the wide selection of superior Parkers pumps, MHS carries industrial cylinders with the Parker range of NFPA standards, numerous styles of motors, diaphragm and bladder style accumulators, plus filtration and conditioning for hydraulic systems.

Moreover, MHS can meet all your needs with connectors for industrial hydraulic and pneumatic systems, various power units like starter controls and turnkey systems with reservoir, along with industrial valves, coolers, and filters.

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