Is Your Water Pump Failing? When to Replace and When to Repair?

Blog | November 8th, 2020

Water pumps can be found anywhere. From properties to engines, these pumps are utilised due to their accompanying functionalities. Water pumps generally can move water from one place to another. These pumps can also help different engines and systems to run efficiently and reliably. Without these pumps, it would be difficult for properties or engines to circulate water or any liquid coolant within a specific system. Many industries and businesses may even crumble as water pumps become inefficient.

Given the importance of water pumps, they must always be running in prime condition. If you have spotted some failing water pumps, then you may need to replace or repair them right away. To help you out, here are some signs of a failing water pump and whether they must be replaced or repaired. 

Leaking Components

Water pumps that have leaking components often need some replacement. The occurrence of a small amount of dry coolant residue around the hole may be normal. However, a coolant that is leaking directly out of the hole signifies that the pump has a serious problem. This coolant leak may seep from the pump seal or O-ring and has a colour that hugely depends on the colour of the coolant. Some coolant leak, alternatively, may come from other components that are related or attached to the water pump. Components that must be checked for damages include gaskets and bearings.

Grinding Pump Noises

Another clear indication that your water pump is failing is if it emits and produces grinding or whining noises. These noises will most likely come from the water pump. Although, some professionals would still want to check the source to confirm if they indeed come from the pumps. Once confirmed, the professionals would have to check the placement and condition of water pump components and other elements that may have affected them. Having a loose water pump shaft usually means that the pump badly needs a repair. Bearings that have broken out of position may also cause these pump noises.

Overheating System

Water pumps are intended to work continuously. However, there are instances where they might have already overworked, which then increases their operating temperatures beyond their normal capacities. A lot of overheating water pumps are often associated with components that need to be assessed, repaired, and eventually replaced. Some of the components that may have already get damaged include cylinder heads, head gaskets, and pistons. The assessment of these components would be typically done first before recommending the next actions in resolving the overheating issues.

Occurrence of Steam

Your water pump may also be failing if there is some occurrence of steam on its components. The presence of steam is usually connected to an overheated engine, which is why both the engine and the water pump must be assessed right away to figure out the main source of the steaming problem. It is recommended to stop the operations of the engine as soon as steam comes out immediately to avoid any dangerous accidents. Repairing the water pump under these circumstances is a must.

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