Hydraulic Uses in Construction Work

Blog | May 29th, 2018

Hydraulic power is utilized in all kinds of construction work. True, construction sites are full of workers, but for every group of workers, there’s a single fluid-powered crane or excavator doing the same work more efficiently. In fact, a typical day on a building site sees these sturdy lifters and diggers moving more than any ten men could ever manage. But look, there’s another group of mobile hydraulic machines approaching.

Mobile Hydraulics 

The construction work begins. Cranes are lifting and conveying heavy payloads. While the construction materials ascend, excavators dig trenches for utility lines. Behind them, a hydraulic tractor grader is adjusting the angle of its levelling blade. The trench opens, is filled by pipes, as dropped into place by another crane, and the grader follows closely behind. Scurrying around those vehicles, loaders and dump trucks are clearing piles of loose dirt and rock. This is the exponentially advancing domain of the mobile hydraulics industry, a place that couldn’t exist without the services of these fluid-charged machines.

The Supporting Characters 

If cranes and diggers are viewed as central equipment types, then where are the supporting characters on the building site? They’re everywhere; we just need to know where to look. Outriggers extend on a crane to stabilize a vehicle frame when the ground is uneven. They prevent the big lifter from overturning when an overly heavy load needs moving. Elsewhere, the rear door on a truck is rolling up, and a material handling lift is slowly descending with a pallet full of bricks. Even the floors and ceilings inside a newly erected structure receive a boost from fluid tech, with hydraulic jacks levelling and supporting their impossibly heavy outlines. Again, the technology is all over the site, so construction workers always have access to the assisting strength of one of these robust hoisting systems.

Mobile Compressors 

A noisy mobile compressor is sitting just out of sight. What’s it doing here? Well, there are hydraulic tools situated nearby. Following the hose from the compressor, a manually operated hydraulic breaker is pulverizing an old slab of concrete. Pick hammers, cutting saws, and more, they’re all receiving power from a mobile hydraulic, or pneumatic, compressor.

Lastly, cleaning services support the naturally dirty digging and lifting rigs as the construction work nears an end. The machines clean dirty surfaces so that an inspector has clear access to every structural section. Then, for the ultimate expression of water jetted force, hydraulic water jets operate off-site as material cutting machines, the kind of equipment that can cut marble panels and stone blocks for use as structure-enhancing facade accents.

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