Enhancing the Performance of Hydraulic Systems through Accumulators

Blog | April 12th, 2021

Tools and machines that need high power density utilise hydraulic systems for them to effectively work. If the load requirements of a tool or machine change very quickly, then hydraulic systems are likewise used to carry out their functions effectively and safely. 

Hydraulic systems work by using incompressible fluid to move energy from a motor to an actuator. The fluid inside these systems is often pushed by a pump to other components, converting its hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The valves inside the systems help regulate the liquid flow and relieve any pressure whenever necessary.

The components inside the hydraulic systems are already enough to make them work effectively. However, the integration of accumulators can further enhance the performance of the systems. Here are some ways on how accumulators can boost hydraulic systems’ performance.

Reliable Energy Storage

Accumulators are basically pressure vessels that can store energy and discharge it in the form of incompressible fluid. And since hydraulic systems have to rely heavily on this specific fluid, the very presence of accumulators can already improve system performance significantly. Once the hydraulic systems require a high energy demand, the accumulators can easily provide them with the needed energy and supplement their pump flow. Once the energy demand diminishes, the accumulators will then recharge so that they can provide the needed energy again during high points of operations.

Backup Power Source

Aside from their reliable energy storage, accumulators can also be utilised as a backup power source once a tool or machine loses electric power. Accumulators can also provide enough energy or pressure once the pump of a tool or machine fails. What makes accumulators dependable during these situations is that they can maintain a high-pressure charge almost all the time. The elements provided by accumulators during power or pump failure of the tools or machines can be utilised in retracting a cylinder, closing a valve, opening a mould, or maintaining pressure.

Keep Operations Smooth

The performance of hydraulic systems can also be boosted by accumulators due to the latter’s ability to reduce vibrations and shocks. Hydraulic system components like circuits, cylinders, and others generally generate pressure pulsations and spikes during operations. Without any additional devices, the shocks and pulsations from the operations can easily damage components. The addition of accumulators near system components can effectively keep the operations smooth as they can absorb pulsations and minimise vibration. They can likewise mitigate shocks, reduce noise levels, and prevent system damages.

Compensation of Elements

One more great thing about accumulators that allow them to enhance hydraulic system performance is that they can compensate for leakage and temperature and minimise the effects of pressure changes. Even though the fluid inside a system leaks slowly, the accumulator can still maintain constant pressure. The accumulator will only recharge if the circuit pressure drops below the pre-set limits. Fluctuations in ambient temperature can quickly affect the overall pressure of the system. With accumulators, any differences brought by the changes in temperature can be compensated effectively.

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