Common Signs of Pump and Hydraulics Breakdown

Blog | June 16th, 2016

When a pump and hydraulics breakdown occurs, we troubleshoot tubes and hoses, fluid reservoirs and valves in search of a mechanical cause. Fortunately, common breakdown signs like to wave a red flag. We just need to know how to interpret these signs.

What are The Symptoms of a Possible Pump Failure?

It’s the heart of the hydraulic system, so mechanical power can’t exist for long without this essential component. If the pump is generating excessive noise, then wear may be setting in, but this possibility tends to go hand-in-hand with an aging mechanism. Otherwise, contaminants are a likely culprit. Aeration, for example, occurs when air gets into the system. Again, the symptoms will depend on the type of pump used, but loud bangs are a common symptom. In avoiding aeration, check pump inlet seals and maintain reservoir fill level.
Other noise sources include:

  • Aeration – Perceived as loud bangs and knocking sounds. Air is somehow getting into the closed fluid channel
  • Cavitation – A painfully shrill whining noise. Again, air is the culprit. Pressure imbalance causes small voids to form, and these voids implode, causing wear and seal damage
  • Structural deformations – Mechanical parts become defective over time. For example, a vibration-resistant fastener loosens, which then causes pump assemblies to generate a rattling sound

System-wide Signs that a Pump and Hydraulics Breakdown Event is Ongoing

When an operator is close to the hydraulic gear and can feel dangerous amounts of heat radiating from the metal, then a blockage is probably obstructing the fluid. If this worrying symptom is left to worsen, expect the fluid to separate and the seals to deteriorate.
Next, hydraulic gear is as responsive as it is rugged. Heavy-duty lifting is child’s play to the assembled parts and the smoothly pumping mechanisms located at the centre of the equipment, which is why poor performance is a source of alarm. The actuators are working sluggishly and the valves pausing dramatically as the system cycles over and over again. A leak is responsible for slow performance issues and erratic actuators.

Contrasting pump designs and different system configurations will all manifest pump and hydraulics breakdown incidents in slightly different fashions, but there are commonalities in any hydraulic process. Leaks and contaminants are always a threat, as is heat and strange noises, but, on knowing the hows-and-whys for these events, we can quickly narrow the cause of the breakdown and make quick repairs.

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