Cetop Style Industrial Valves

Blog | August 31st, 2017

Cetop style industrial valves use a proprietary mounting configuration, as determined by the Comité Européen des Transmissions Oléohydrauliques et Pneumatiques. In simpler terms, CETOP valves essentially represent European standards, ones that cover over one thousand companies. Run through a handy French-to-English translator, the abbreviation speaks of European Fluid Power, but EFP doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily as CETOP. Anyway, what are CETOP style industrial valves all about?

What are CETOP Style Industrial Valves? 

Imagine this hydraulic systems directory as a series of compatible components. The mount on one directional CETOP valve is compatible with the coupling on another similarly sized valve or hydraulic system part. Parts and circuit elements gain a much-need interchangeability feature when the CETOP standards are adhered to, and hydraulic circuits snap or screw together without ever causing a frustrating compatibility error, one that’s going to hold up a mobile excavator until the right part is purchased, shipped, and delivered.

Enhanced Installation Facilitators 

The valves, thanks to this modular architecture, form complex hydraulic assemblies, systems that are loaded with branching fluid streams and industrially rated valves. Directional or pressure relieving, flow adjusters or check types, the valves are built according to a series of exacting engineering standards. However, those stringent regulations do not impede product variability. Indeed, there are clearly labelled CETOP size alphanumeric stamped into each device, such as the CETOP03/NG6 range. The size and mounting type identifiers leave little room for installation error, so dimensional incompatibility issues never occur.

CETOP Valved Benefits: Key Features 

Sizes and mounting patterns are quickly settled when parts conformity is established, this time by a European agency. Porting patterns are next; they adopt a common size and configuration, plus the position of the location pin hole is selected in accordance with the CETOP guidelines, which means the ports and port couplers are being supported by the one-thousand plus organization members we mentioned at the beginning of this article. It seems, then, that we’ve come full circle, just like the hydraulic circuits and interchangeable valves covered in this discourse.

Manufactured in accordance with Comité Européen des Transmissions Oléohydrauliques et Pneumatiques standards, CETOP style industrial valves are “World Designed” hydraulic circuit elements. They’re equipped with manifold mounted profiles that exhibit standardized electrical and mechanical coupling points. The porting patterns also demonstrate a signature, European-oriented layout, so parts interchangeability and system connectivity are assured. Finally, the valves mount together, join together, and operate with design-compatible fluid efficiency, all thanks to an architecture that combines readily with a CETOP verified subplate fitting.

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