Advantages of Custom Designed Hydraulic Systems

Blog | August 31st, 2020

Some electrical and plumbing equipment utilise hydraulic systems for them to function optimally. Hydraulic systems work by moving pressurised hydraulic fluid from an electric motor to an actuator. Just like an electric cable, the said fluid can flawlessly move from one point to another due to its uncompressible characteristic. The hydraulic fluid has the needed energy for the equipment to work.

Hydraulic systems that are pre-configured do not necessarily work with all types of equipment. Some processes of equipment would require consistent power that is not present with pre-configured hydraulic systems. These systems cannot also work well with environments that may be too aggressive for them to handle. Fortunately, most equipment and fixtures that need specific requirements and specifications for their needed energy can easily work with custom designed hydraulic systems.

Using custom designed hydraulic systems for your equipment, machine, or any other product can give you the following advantages:

Reservoir Capacity

Pre-configured hydraulic systems have a fixed reservoir capacity that does not work well with some equipment. Customed ones, alternatively, can have a reservoir that will exactly fit a specific application. Some custom designed hydraulic systems may be customised with small tanks, which can easily save a significant amount of space. Applications that require a large reservoir can also benefit from a custom designed hydraulic system since its associated pipes and drive requirements are customised as well.

Physical Shape

Customising a hydraulic system also permits you to change its shape. Pre-configured hydraulic systems have limited choices when it comes to their shapes. But with customised hydraulic systems, you can easily have their form factor changed that will fit them in applications without wasting space. Custom designed hydraulic systems can be fitted effectively into the hydraulic system or exterior framework and integrated conveniently into a machine tool space. Customising their shape can also provide you easy access to their components.

Reservoir Orientation

The reservoir orientation can also be changed with a custom designed hydraulic system. A hydraulic system can have a vertical orientation, which places the reservoir above the hydraulic components. Vertical hydraulic systems can readily sustain steady oil flow into the pump while having a minimum footprint. A hydraulic system can also be oriented horizontally, with the reservoir being located below the hydraulic components. This type of hydraulic system makes any maintenance work easier.

Overall Portability

The overall design and configuration of customed hydraulic systems can be portable and mobile, unlike systems that are already pre-configured and mass-produced. Custom designed hydraulic systems can be moved and attached anywhere. They can even be configured to be compatible with a wheeled cart and mounted on vehicles or skids. The control options for these systems are likewise abundant since they can be operated by either a wired remote or a wireless one.

Enhanced Features

A custom designed hydraulic system can have a wide variety of features and enhancements that will depend on its intended purpose and application. This type of system can be designed to address the challenges that involve air, power, and water access. Maximum operating temperatures, temperature fluctuations, humidity and external pressure levels, and the exposure to sensitive elements of the hydraulic system are only some of the factors that can be considered in making a system operational. Customed hydraulic systems can also have Industrial Internet of Things, pain solutions, special control valves and pumps, and redundant DC backups.

Custom designed hydraulic systems can truly help you obtain features that will make certain applications easier and more dependable. However, you can only have these advantages if you pick a trusted and certified company that can provide you the needed customisations for the hydraulic system.

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