A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best Hose Fitting for Your Hydraulic System

Blog | December 15th, 2021

Hydraulic systems maximise an incompressible fluid in moving the needed energy from an electric motor to the actuator. Through the power of the said fluid, machines and tools that run with these systems can easily lift heavy loads and perform repetitive tasks without any issues. 

Many industries maximise hydraulic machines and tools thanks to their advantages. One of the advantages of these machines and tools is that they are easy to control. They can likewise carry out tasks accurately, helping businesses save energy and costs. Hydraulic machines and tools can also perform optimally as their systems can provide constant torque or force without getting affected by speed changes. Ultimately, they can be maintained easily as they do not utilise a lot of moving components.

Speaking of components, one component that these systems should possess is hydraulic fitting. Hydraulic fittings are used to connect a hydraulic hose to pipes, tubes, or other hydraulic hoses. If you are looking for the best hydraulic fitting for your system, then here are some things that you should consider.

Material Composition

One of the things you should consider when choosing the best hydraulic fitting for your hydraulic system is its size. The material of your hose fitting should be suitable with the elements of the hydraulic fluid for it to last for a long time. The hose fitting material should also be able to handle the temperature and other aspects of the operating environment. 

Internal and External Diameters

Another thing that you must consider when picking the best hydraulic fitting for your hydraulic system is its size. The size of the hose fitting can be determined by its internal and external diameters. Choosing the right internal and external diameters of your hose fitting can prevent your hydraulic system from leaking and failing during its operations.

Temperature and Pressure

Two things that you should also consider when picking the right hydraulic hose fitting are operating temperature and pressure. Not all hydraulic systems can run at the same temperatures and pressures. Some may require higher temperatures to work, while others do not. The pressure range of hydraulic systems likewise varies. So, you must pick a hydraulic hose fitting that can work well with your hydraulic system’s temperature and pressure ranges.

Hydraulic System Assembly

One more thing that you should consider when choosing the perfect hydraulic hose fitting for your system is the assembly of your hydraulic machine or tool. If your hydraulic system would have to be connected and disconnected from the hose or tube, you must go for a hydraulic quick-connect fitting. A hydraulic compression fitting, alternatively, can be utilised in your system if you do not want to weld or solder the fitting. Opting for this type of fitting can be great for high-temperature applications.

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