9 Primary Applications of Hydraulic Accumulators

Blog | January 25th, 2022

Hydraulic systems maximise a lot of components to ensure that their primary functions are conducted effectively. One specific component that allows them to work is hydraulic fluid. Through hydraulic fluid, these systems can easily transmit power as well as lubricate surfaces to protect them from wear.

Another component that can help hydraulic systems carry out their primary functions is the hydraulic accumulator. Hydraulic accumulators are pressure vessels that can maintain pressure, store and recapture energy, minimise pressure peaks, energise chassis suspensions, and reduce vibration, shock, and pulsations. Once hydraulic accumulators are sized properly, they can easily carry out a wide array of applications that can be useful for many hydraulic systems.

Some of the primary applications of hydraulic accumulators are as follows:

  1. Provide Auxiliary Power – One of the applications of hydraulic accumulators is to provide an auxiliary power supply. They are often maximised to be used as an energy source while being paired with a hydraulic system pump, ensuring that high demand power requirements will be met easily.
  2. Compensate for Leakage – Another application of hydraulic accumulators is to compensate for leakage. They can be installed in hydraulic circuits to conveniently provide makeup fluid once there are no available sources of flow and pressure. 
  3. Protect the System – Hydraulic accumulators do not only provide auxiliary power and compensate for leakage, but they can also protect the hydraulic systems from damages caused by thermal expansion and raised pressure levels.
  4. Give Emergency Power – What is great about hydraulic accumulators is that they can give an emergency power supply whenever the systems do not have power. These accumulators can easily maximise the stored fluid and energy just to power the equipment pieces. 
  5. Compensate Volume Difference – Hydraulic accumulators can likewise make up the difference in fluid volume between the blind end and rod end of hydraulic cylinders. They can be significantly effective in making closed hydraulic systems functional for a long time.
  6. Dampen Pulsation and Shocks – As mentioned earlier, hydraulic accumulators can easily dampen pulsation and shocks. Their ability to dampen these elements can make the hydraulic systems safe from damages that they may acquire throughout their service life.
  7. Enhance High Flow Rates – When maximising dual flow or pressure circuits, hydraulic accumulators can be utilised to enhance their flow rates for the high-pressure part of the cycle. As the flow rates are enhanced, the system horsepower requirements of the systems are reduced, saving a lot of energy.
  8. Hold the Pressure – Another notable application of hydraulic accumulators is that they can hold the pressure of the hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems can lose their efficiency if they have been running for hours. Through the accumulators, they can easily hold the pressure to save energy.
  9. Store and Dispense Fluid – One more application of hydraulic accumulators is to dispense liquids and lubricants. Hydraulic accumulators can easily store liquids and lubricants and dispense them whenever machine bearings need them.

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